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Heidi Klum Reveals Daughter Leni, 18, Is ‘Just Ready’ When It Comes To Her Career

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Heidi Klum Reveals Daughter Leni, 18, Is ‘Just Ready’ When It Comes To Her Career

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Image credit: Gregory Pace / Shutterstock

When your mom is one of the most famous models in the world, it’s easy for people to assume you’re up to some sort of trade-in trick. Based on Heidi KlumHowever, her daughter Leni Olumi Klum18 years old, didn’t learn anything from dear ole mother, as she said that teenagers’ talent for posing comes naturally and… right away. “LeniHeidi, 49 years old, joking with HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview before the season 4 premiere of Cuts.

leni klum heidi klum ss embed
Heidi Klum said her daughter Leni is very natural when it comes to modeling. (Gregory Pace / Shutterstock)

“She never needed any of my advice,” the TV presenter added to drive home. “She was just getting ready. She is always ready. “

While Heidi has walked dozens of runways and appeared on hundreds of magazine covers, such as Vogue and Swimsuit issue with sports illustrations, Leni just started her modeling career. Despite being a newbie, this beautiful girl has had her own catwalk shows, including Alta Moda, the famous star of Dolce & Gabbana in August 2021. And speaking of covers , Leni joined Heidi in a recent shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Germany.

Heidi shares little daughter with ex-husband Sealwho adopted Leni when he married Heidi in 2005. Leni’s biological father is an Italian businessman Flavio Briatore72. Heid and Seal also share Lou12 years old and boys Johan15 and Henry16.

Meanwhile, Heidi also revealed her favorite thing to work with Tim Gunnwhom she hosted both Project runway and Cuts over 18 years. “Having a great time is very important to me,” Heidi explained to HollywoodLife. “You hear a lot about other people working together and they just have a great time on the air. But even then they are faking it. We really have a great time together. “

And the Unofficial Queen of Halloween also let 411 know what incredible costume she might be wearing this upcoming spooky season for her wild celebrity holiday. “I don’t tell anyone what I do. I really don’t know,” Heidi said, said, said. “I like to surprise people.”

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Heidi Klum Reveals Daughter Leni, 18, Is ‘Just Ready’ When It Comes To Her Career

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