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Heather Locklear’s Daughter: Meet Model’s Only Child, Ava Locklear

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Heather Locklear’s Daughter: Meet Model’s Only Child, Ava Locklear

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Ava Locklear is a picture of her mother spit Heather Locklear. Legendary actress who was the main character of 80s and 90s television, known for her roles on shows like Melrose Place. Throughout her career, Heather, 60, has only had one child: Ava, 24. Now grown, Ava looks just like her star mom, and she’s even more popular. a bit in terms of modeling and acting. Learn everything you need to know about Ava Locklear here!

Heather Locklears daughter Ava shutter mbd 1
Heather and Ava pose for a photo together at the ‘Scary Movie 5’ premiere. (Shutterstock)

Ava’s father is a rock legend

While Ava’s mom is a huge movie and TV star, her dad is also an iconic musician: Richie Sambora, 63. While Heather has been a star in many movies and TV shows, her dad has wowed audiences as the lead guitarist for Bon Jovi for about 30 years. Richie and Heather married in 1994, but they split in 2006, before their divorce was finalized the following year. The couple welcomed a daughter in 1997.

She borrowed it from her mother’s wardrobe

Heather Locklears daughter Ava shutter mbd 3
The mother-daughter duo smiled at the premiere of the movie ‘Twilight’. (Shutterstock)

While it’s no secret that Ava looks a lot like her mom, she’s also shown that she’s perfectly happy borrowing her mom’s style! She joked about getting a t-shirt from her mom’s closet on social media, sharing a photo of herself wearing a vintage Bon Jovi shirt from her mom in May 2020. In the Instagram caption, she joked about borrowing the t-shirt from Heather. “I got it from my mom (Like I literally got this shirt from my mom’s closet),” she wrote.

She studied psychology in university

While she can share her mother’s amazing looks, Ava has shown that she wants to follow a different career path than Heather. She announced via Instagram that she graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Adolescent and Gender Studies in May 2020. She is also earning a Master’s degree. She announced that she would be attending the University of Southern California for graduate school to study Marriage and Family Therapy.

She has acting experience

Even though she’s pursuing psychology, Ava has also done a bit of acting work under both her mother’s and father’s surnames. She has appeared in TV shows Fresh Off the Boat and Good luck Charlieas well as movies This is 40 and A Dark Foe. More recently, she also appeared in the upcoming short film Room 13based on IMDb.

Heather Locklears daughter Ava shutter mbd 2
Heather poses with Ava at the premiere of the movie ‘This is 40’, which her daughter played. (Shutterstock)

Ava revealed about being an actress in a 2019 interview with Wingman Magazine. “When I took acting classes, I really knew I had found what I wanted to do. It was always entertaining, but eventually, I narrowed it down, and really, I’ve known since I was about seven years old,” she said.

She has a boyfriend

Ava regularly shares her amazing outfits on Instagram, but she also regularly posts pictures with her boyfriend Tyler Farrar. While it’s unclear how long they’ve been dating, she seems to have posted her earliest photo with him in March 2019. They seem to be still going strong, with Ava sharing a photo of herself. couple on vacation in San Francisco in May. 2022.

She has an Instagram for beauty

Heather Locklears daughter Ava shutter mbd 4
Heather and Ava smile during the screening of ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’. (Shutterstock)

While Ava’s main Instagram account is filled with amazing photos of her with family and friends, along with amazing outfits. She also has an alternative account, where she shares “Aesthetic content that makes me smile” as she includes it in her bio. The account, called October 4 (which is her birthday), posts a variety of pictures ranging from picturesque sunsets to pictures of herself in a great backdrop.

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Heather Locklear’s Daughter: Meet Model’s Only Child, Ava Locklear

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