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John Feldmann Reveals Why Goldfinger Rerecorded Hits With Avril Lavigne For New Deluxe Album

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John Feldmann Reveals Why Goldfinger Rerecorded Hits With Avril Lavigne For New Deluxe Album

At one point in the interview with HollywoodLife, Golden Fingers founder, singer and guitarist John Feldman said, “I need to go back to my roots and make a ska punk record.” That homecoming, kind of, is 2020 Never look back, a landmark album in the band’s long history. It marks the return of the original guitarist Charlie PaulsonJoin a lineup that includes Philip Sneed of the Story of the year, Mike Herrera of the MxPxand Nick Gross of the girlfriend. The critically acclaimed album today (August 5), features four new songs and three re-records of past hits, two of which feature guest vocals: “Superman” with Simon Neil of the Biffy Clyro; and “Here in your bedroom”, with Avril Lavigne.

If that wasn’t enough to make the heart of the 90s/early 2000s boil, Travis Barker co-wrote four new songs and played drums on them and new recordings. “He definitely had a huge creative impact when I worked with him,” says John HollywoodLifemention how he produced the last two albums of wink 182 – 2016 California and in 2019 RIPE. However, John’s relationship with Travis extends beyond the recording studio.

“Yes, he is my neighbor, and he is an old, old friend from The Aquabats day, and he was the greatest drummer that ever lived,” he said. “So I want him to play on top of everything I do, but he’s a busy guy. He was able to make this work because we set the record during the pandemic, and I didn’t – I mean, this record wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for the pandemic. I will just continue to work with other artists, but I cannot invite artists into my studio.”

“I had to lock up and just write these songs, and then I would call Travis over to play the drums,” he continued. “And then I will send the session to Mike Herrera in Bremerton, Washington. I sent them to Phil in St. Louis and Charlie at his place downtown. And we all just do our part and our little part [studios]. It’s a one-of-a-kind record that I hope will never have to be repeated. I mean, it’s fine, but I like being around people when I’m recording music. “

That warmth is also felt on one of the standout luxury tracks – “Here In Your Bedroom”, which was adapted into another song, thanks to the addition of Avril’s vocals. “The making of these new records is incredible,” says John. “And I feel like we gave these songs a new life. Obviously, having Avril sing on it is a big blessing. Having Biffy Simon from Biffy Clyro sing in ‘Superman’ is unbelievable. “

“It came, really, naturally,” he said. “This is not like some must-have feature where we have one manager contact another manager. Avril was at my house, doing Love Susan. And I was like, ‘I re-recorded,’ and you know, she said to me, she said, ‘When I was 15…’ I thought she was dating Drink it [Whibley] are from Total 41. I think we’re playing a show with them. And she said her first stage dive was at a Goldfinger gig when she was 15 years old. whole, you know? “

Another impetus behind the recordings? It was John’s chance to regain control of the band’s legacy. “Part of it, I want to own the masters, because I have my own record label and I want ownership,” explains John. I don’t own any of the things that we recorded for the big labels back in the day. Obviously that’s just the way we made it, and I’m really grateful we had those opportunities, but now that I’m a grown man, I want ownership in it. . “

Goldfinger: Nick Gross, Phil Sneed, John Feldmann, Mike Herrera and Charlie Paulson (Caleb Alvarez)

Despite being large, the aura still does not fade on Goldfinger. The band shines on the deluxe version of Never look backand four new songs – “Perfect”, “3AM”, “Searchlight” and “Broken In Paradise” – provide a panorama of the band’s musical perfection. The soaring vocals, emotional lyrics, and powerful punk rock production create a listening experience that will resonate with new fans and those who have followed the band since the late ’90s.

Although the recording process is not ideal, the results Never look back has received rave reviews from places like Kerrang, Alternative Pressand Sound wall. Many refer to the album as the band’s return to form, which is quite intentional.

John says: “I work with a lot of artists who have productions that appeal to people from 311 arrive Korn arrive 5 seconds of summer arrive Sound mode. “I’ve done a lot of emotional trapping, and I’m doing… I’ve made part of the national record,” he said. “I made these metal logs with Atreyuand Ice Nine Kills. And I just need to make a ska punk record. I need to go back to my roots and make a ska punk record. “

“When I had the complete songs, I sent them all Matt Appleton who plays in Really big fish in Vermont. And he did all his parts there,” continued John. “But in the end, we made a classic. I think this record and The Knife are two of our fan favorites, which is crazy because both were made in the last ten years. And it’s crazy that we’re still able to connect with our audience even though it’s been a minute since we formed the band. “

john feldmann of goldfinger ss embed
(imageSPACE / Shutterstock)

When asked why the vibe of the ’90s punk scene appeals to modern audiences, John pointed out that two years ago things got “really heavy during the pandemic” and that people were looking for ways to “lighten up”. Go for a bit and just remember how fun it was.”

“Everybody is stuck at home and thinking, ‘What will happen? Will everyone die? And what will happen to this virus,” he said, “I think [90s punk] sounds like you’re partying, hanging out, staying with friends, just sing along and have fun. I think coming out of the pandemic and when that sound really comes back, that makes sense. We’re stuck at home listening Billie Eilishand now we’ll be around Willow. It’s just another thing, different energy. And I feel like time… It’s been twenty years since this kind of boom of Green day and Blink and all that since the mid nineties. It’s just time. It’s time for a comeback”.

Perhaps the world is preparing for the return of Goldfinger – but has the band ever really disappeared? Simply mentioned Tony Hawk Pro Skater to someone over the age of 18 and they will most likely start singing the opening line of “Superman”. In fact, a few days before John spoke to HollywoodLife, a video went viral Tony Hawk dance on stage with 900 – one Tony Hawk Pro Skater cover band – to sing “Superman” in front of a cramped house.

The lyrics – especially the lines “So here I am, getting older all the time / Looking older all the time / Feeling younger in my mind” – resonates with any millennial or GenXer generation whenever they passed the mirror, and John acknowledged this. “I think after you hit it like 18, you start to feel older, older, but at 55 that definitely hit me in a different way than when I was writing songs at 25. ,” I said. “In a way, I feel younger than I was then. Because there are so many things in my life that I know I just love doing and I want to do for the rest of my life, where I used to say back then, ‘can I really do it? ‘

“My dad always told me, ‘You’ll never be successful in music,’” he continued. “It is a terrible, disgusting business. And so I don’t know. But we signed in 1994, and now we’re in 2022. So I think I’m fine. There’s also a sense of calm that comes with age, that you’re not constantly trying to prove yourself and are constantly hustling with statements like, ‘hey, hey, hey, look at me, look at me, look at me. I no longer feel that way. ‘ You know? So that part of the song resonated in a different way for me. “

“Superman” will live on alongside “This Lonely Place,” “Mabel,” “See You Around” and the rest of the Goldfinger record. John said: “The last shows we played before the pandemic, like there were so many parents with their kids and their teenage kids discovering our band, and parents They grew up in it.” “It’s great being a legacy artist and continuing to make music. Just as we have gained a lot of fans on The Knife, I feel our audience is very age appropriate. Is crazy.”

The question is, who would be Goldfinger singing on the re-recorded version of “This Lonely Place” if the band decided to revisit it? “I mean, singer Gwen Stefani going to be great about that song,” John said, recalling Gwen’s time in No doubtt “I mean, she’s the best, and yes, that would be rad. But, like I said, I don’t like doing anything unless it’s natural, unless it feels like it makes sense. “

Time will answer. Until then, fans can look forward to hearing Never look back was first played when Goldfinger hit the road in the fall/early winter.

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John Feldmann Reveals Why Goldfinger Rerecorded Hits With Avril Lavigne For New Deluxe Album

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