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FL House Candidate Sarah Henry Reveals Voters Are ‘Furious’ At Abortion Rights Being Taken Away

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FL House Candidate Sarah Henry Reveals Voters Are ‘Furious’ At Abortion Rights Being Taken Away

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Image credit: Sarah Henry

While searching for her county in Seminole County, Florida, Sarah Henry had two very similar conversations with voters about the fight for reproductive rights she is facing. “I can think of two elderly women—those with children or grandchildren—who told me they never imagined they would live in a world where their niece had fewer rights than their granddaughter. with growing up,” she said HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. Henry, 26, campaigned for the first time for political office. As she prepared for the Florida House of Representatives election, Henry spoke to HL about her campaign and issues that members of District 38 are passionate about.

sarah henry florida house candidate embed
Sarah Henry is a first-time candidate for District 38 in Florida. (Courtesy of Sarah Henry)

Hailing from Indiana, Henry said she’s been interested in politics for most of her life, coming from a family that “chatters over issues of wages, fair labor and voting rights at the dinner table.” Running for political office for the first time, she revealed that many of the voters she is speaking to from door to door are happy to share their concerns with her. “We hear at least once or twice in every picture: ‘A politician has never been to my neighborhood. A politician has never asked me what keeps me up at night. What am I worried about? ”, she explained. “We’re out there getting support, but we’re also there because there’s no better way to know what people are struggling with than to ask them.”

While her campaign has tackled a number of issues, including public education and environmental issues, she said Roe’s ousting of Wade was a “huge concern” for activists. members in her area. “I worked in a reproductive rights organization and I was a patient escort at an abortion clinic, and I know how important that right to safe, accessible, affordable reproductive care is. and we hear about it a lot at the polls when we’re telling people. People were really hyped,” she explained, pointing to the vote defending abortion rights in Kansas. “People from all walks of life get very angry when something very personal is being taken away.”

Having volunteered as an escort for an abortion clinic in high school, Henry recalls his “brutal” experiences of being yelled at by opponents of the choice. After Roe was exposed, she said she felt “angry” at first, but later on, she felt even more sad. “My second and certainly more lasting reaction is sadness,” she says. “This fundamental, personal decision and body autonomy is treated like a political pawn by people who don’t necessarily experience it, or don’t necessarily experience it, or don’t. care about people who need that kind of health care. “

While Henry is clearly motivated to continue fighting for reproductive rights, her campaign also focuses on many of the other issues facing Seminole County, like the housing affordability crisis, as well. related to environmental issues. She explained that there are concerns about “the pace of development taking up natural space,” while many local residents cannot afford to live in the housing complexes under construction. She said she wants to work with both environmental groups and the affordable housing community to “make sure what goes in is what’s needed.”

At the end of our conversation, Henry encouraged young people to be active in politics and community organizing, as new laws continue to affect them. “We live in a world where the effects of the law passed today – that will be the burden we have to bear,” she said. “It’s important that people get involved as soon as they can.”

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FL House Candidate Sarah Henry Reveals Voters Are ‘Furious’ At Abortion Rights Being Taken Away

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