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Elijah Wood & More ‘LOTR’ Stars Support ‘Rings Of Power’ Cast Against Racist Trolls

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Elijah Wood & More ‘LOTR’ Stars Support ‘Rings Of Power’ Cast Against Racist Trolls

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Image credit: Michael McGurk / Shutterstock

The original cast of Lord of the Rings is preparing for new variety TV series. After racist troll criticized Amazon Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power for a cast that includes some people of color, Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghanand Billy Boyd unite to send a clear message to the haters. The trio, who starred in the iconic series, all wore matching white t-shirts depicting the series’ characters’ ears with various skin tones.

Elijah, 41, shared a photo of him and his co-stars on Twitter, with the message: “All are welcome here.” Elijah stands between Dominic, 45, and Billy, 54, and all smiles for the camera and mouths shut. Elijah also includes a link to an online store that sells various clothing items with the same supporting image. Rings of Power.

Sean Astin, who has played Samwise Gamgee in fantasy movies, wore a white hat with a pattern resembling various ears in a photo he shared on Twitter. Sean shared the same message that his co-stars did, and he also included a link to the online store.

Elijah Wood
Billy Boyd, Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan at Billy’s wedding in December 2010 (Image: Michael McGurk/Shutterstock)

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power premieres September 1 and features a diverse cast that includes Ismael Cruz Cordovawho played the role of Arondir, Lenny Henrywho plays Sadoc Burrows, and Don’t know Boniadi, who plays Bronwyn. Before the show premiered, Lenny applauded the show’s producers for casting the whole thing. “I haven’t met anyone in charge of anything like me in a long time, so it’s lonely,” he said. Time. “Now you have all the people saying the same things I started saying in 2000, which is, ‘The industry needs to change and it can be quick, please.”‘

Dragon’s HouseNew HBO Game of Thrones prequel, was also criticized for its diverse cast. Whoopi Goldberg was one of the first stars in Hollywood to defend the diverse cast of both shows and railroads against racists.

“I want to start by saying: These things are not real,” Whoopi said in the September 6 episode of See. “There are no dragons, no hobbits, and there are critics who say they were too sane to add – yes – diverse characters, Are you telling me Negroes can’t fake either?” “Listen to Whoopi, friends, because this criticism is so unwarranted!

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Elijah Wood & More ‘LOTR’ Stars Support ‘Rings Of Power’ Cast Against Racist Trolls

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