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Diddy Says It’s ‘All Love’ With Michael J. Ferguson After Heated Fight In Halloween Costumes

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Diddy Says It’s ‘All Love’ With Michael J. Ferguson After Heated Fight In Halloween Costumes

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Image credit: Rob Latour / Gregory Pace / Shutterstock

Diddy quelled rumors that he and Michael J. Ferguson eating beef after they both argued after Halloween on Sunday, October 30. The rap icon, 52, commented on an Instagram post from Shade room write that both of them just love each other. Diddy showed that he was really glad the two ended their brief argument.

diddy halloween Michael J. Ferguson embed2
Diddy’s comment on Instagram. (Instagram / Diddy)

Diddy can be seen in costumes like By Heath Ledger Joker from Dark Knight, Approach and talk to Michael. Michael calls him “p***y” and tells him “Don’t touch me,” and the record executive runs off, mimicking a Joker-inspired laugh. “You’re a clown,” Diddy said.

During the shouting match, Diddy spoke to Michael while wearing the costume. The rapper seemed annoyed with Michael’s reaction to his outfit. “What’s wrong? You don’t like me? Then mothaf **kin’ gets it,” he said. “Don’t let f**king play with me on Halloween, baby. I’m out here with love. love. “

While stating that he is there “with love”, possibly a hint of who he is, Diddy then asks Michael if he recognizes who is wearing the costume and offers him a hug, before asking him to another party. “I love you, and we are stronger together,” he said. “Go to the party afterwards and change your vibration.”

In the comments from Shade room of video, Diddy dismisses the change and shows that he’s happy to address any differences in a positive way. “Have a nice night. That’s all love. Hug like black kings should when it comes to some bulls,” he wrote. “Love love love love.”

diddy halloween Michael J. Ferguson embed1
Diddy and the two had a very brief argument outside a Halloween party. (Rob Latour / Gregory Pace / Shutterstock)

Michael also seemed happy to put it behind them. He shared the video on his Instagram Story, along with a smiling emoji. He also posted a meme someone made about Power 2-Bit character, joking about running away. “Got to see Diddy last night,” he wrote. “All of the loves.”

In addition to the brief conflict with Power actor, Diddy looked as if he had a blast playing the Joker on Halloween. He shared a lot of pictures and videos of his character, giving him the best impression. He even shared a video of him running in Tyler, The Creator, who also laughed when they saw Diddy’s epic costume. “You look so beautiful,” Flower boy rapper said. “This is the highest level.”

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Diddy Says It’s ‘All Love’ With Michael J. Ferguson After Heated Fight In Halloween Costumes

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