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Demi Lovato ‘Totally Smitten’ With New Boyfriend Jute$: ‘They Connect On So Many Levels’

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Demi Lovato ‘Totally Smitten’ With New Boyfriend Jute$: ‘They Connect On So Many Levels’

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Image credit: Rick Davis / SplashNews

demi Lovato Couldn’t be more excited about her relationship with her new boyfriend Jute $ (real name is Jordan Lutes). After they were spotted holding hands in New York City, sources close to the “29” singer, who recently started using the pronoun she/she again, revealed that HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVE that she is incredibly happy with her new daughter!

Despite the fact that Demi’s relationship with Jute$ is still fresh, an insider says that she’s totally into him. “Although everything was still very new, Demi was completely captivated by Jordan. She hasn’t been this happy in a long time and she’s grateful that he connected with her on so many levels,” they said.

Demi Lovato Smitten With Jutes Spl embed 1
Demi and Jute$ hold hands during a date in NYC. (Rick Davis / SplashNews)

While the pair are still in the early stages of their relationship, the source went on to say that the “Skin of My Teeth” singer is excited about the flow. “She would love to see this relationship continue to grow but doesn’t want to put too much pressure on things. She loves every minute of the journey and can’t wait to see where things go,” they said.

Another insider gave some details on how their relationship started and eventually blossomed into a romance. “They met earlier this year over music, he was producing and writing for her and it was just a friendship at first but then it became more,” they said. “She also became friends with all his friends and they had a lot of fun together.”

Demi Lovato Smitten With Jutes Spl embed 2
Demi was in New York ahead of her new album’s release on Friday. (PhotoByDutch / SplashNews)

The source said that besides being great sociable, Jute$ is also “sober” and her friends “see this as a positive”. In addition to her sanity, Demi is also glad they were friends first “because she can get to know him without having to have any blind people.” They also explain happiness levels Convinced singer was. “Demi thinks he’s so talented, she’s really excited that they can share that passion for music and vibes on that level,” the source said.

It was reported that Demi was dating a musician on August 8. It was revealed to be Jute$, after she was spotted holding his hand, as they stepped out for a walk on Tuesday, August 16. Demi is also preparing for her new album release Saint Fvck, drop on Friday, August 19.

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Demi Lovato ‘Totally Smitten’ With New Boyfriend Jute$: ‘They Connect On So Many Levels’

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