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David Morris Talks ‘Surreal’ Moment JoJo Siwa Used His Song For TikTok Video (Exclusive)

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David Morris Talks ‘Surreal’ Moment JoJo Siwa Used His Song For TikTok Video (Exclusive)

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Image credit: Sara Jaye Weiss / Shutterstock

Country artist David Morris It went viral over the summer after his song ‘Carrying Your Love’ became a much-loved TikTok trend. The catchy tune samples a country music icon’s 1990 hit song George Straight and the reimagined pop-country track was a hit with Gen Z – including JoJo Siwa. Before Dancing Mothers The 19-year-old star used the song in a video to explain why she has thinning hair on the side of her head, and while JoJo is just one of millions of people using the song on TikTok, she It made a huge impact!

“As soon as she posted it, I got a huge new fanbase that I can say is her audience and she represents positivity, self-worth, self-acceptance. and every good thing about people, and I love that and I love what she stands for,” said the singer-songwriter HollywoodLife ONLY. “So to have her make a video about it, completely natural and completely natural, which is crazy because I’m sure she gets paid a lot of money to do stuff like that, that just reinforces to me that what we’re doing is something that people can relate to. And this trend that started on TikTok is something that can reach even the most famous people. It’s pretty bizarre, but really cool.”


Tension came out of my head when I joined the Dance Moms and there was no hair there

♬ Bring your love – David Morris

JoJo used the ‘Bring Your Love’ trend to open up about personal struggles, but plenty of people on the social media platform have created TikTok videos featuring their loved ones over the lyrics. “I carry your love with me” and David said HollywoodLife that really hit the house for him. “What excites me the most is when I see people using it for their kids, or to tell a story about their family or you know, even their pets. I think there are some great stories. I’ve watched videos of moms and their stretch marks and how they can embrace their bodies because they know their baby is born and it’s healthy and if they have to live with that, then That’s the price they pay. They’re going to take that love with them and that’s great for me, because it’s the kind of thing I never thought of. Seeing it in different contexts with different people and how the message can be adapted to different individuals is the most interesting part of it. “

David Morris
Country artist David Morris has amassed 4 billion views on TikTok. (Courtesy of the artist)

The song also made waves on the charts and introduced a new generation to the 1997 George Straight song it sampled, a song that was “awesome” to David, an avid fan of the legend. country music. “When I originally released the song, I commented in one of my posts that I was hoping that maybe this song would introduce a new generation to George Strait,” he shared. “And, that sounded lofty at the time, because honestly, the generation on TikTok is too young to really invest in George Strait, or know who he is. Well, of course, if you grew up in Texas, or your parents were avid country music fans, you know who George Strait is. But for the masses, I think it’s really cool to have to say, what song is this song from? And what’s really exciting is that I’ve received dozens of messages and comments from parents telling me they love my new song. They grew up listening to the original George Straight song, and their kids were playing my song on TikTok, and so they went and played them the original. So to be able to read those messages and hear a mother bond with her daughter over this song and chat about it, that’s just amazing.”

Not only did David get permission and permission to use the template, he also received kudo from his idol’s team after the huge success of his song on TikTok generated interest in the song. sing OG. “It was great that George Strait’s record label reached out to my group and congratulated us and thanked us for doing it,” he explains. “So it’s pretty bizarre to watch because George Strait doesn’t need my help. But it’s nice to be able to pay tribute to him and do it the right way and see that it’s actually working. “

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David Morris Talks ‘Surreal’ Moment JoJo Siwa Used His Song For TikTok Video (Exclusive)

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