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Constance Wu Says She Was Sexually Harassed By Producer: He ‘Grazed Her Crotch’

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Constance Wu Says She Was Sexually Harassed By Producer: He ‘Grazed Her Crotch’

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UPDATE 09/27/2022, 4:31 p.m. EST: Constance Wu spoke about another alleged sexual assault with a ‘on September 27, saying that because it was “non-violent” and happened on a “date”, she did not realize it was “rape” ” in fact. In one Vanity Fair Excerpt from her upcoming memoir Make a scenethe actress wrote that she ignored “a little warning in [her] gut” when he suggested they come over to his place after a date. “He doesn’t look threatening or shady in any way, and if you’ve been there you’ll agree,” she wrote, adding that when she asked him to stop, he was accused. forced no.

Constance also said that while some “could say she should have hit back”, she would not change her reaction. “Because when I think about the girl I was back then, I understand what she went through. She is still not ready to endure the insults and taunts when the women do the scenes. And I’m not going to make her do something before she’s ready.”

Constance Wu Allegedly that she was sexually harassed by a senior production member at Fresh Off the Boat. Based on New York Times, the Crazy Rich Asians the beauty, 40, is making statements in her upcoming memoir Make a scene. In a jarring incident while attending a sporting event, the newspaper reported, he allegedly “put his hand on her thigh, his hand eventually grazing her crotch,” and she She then asked him to stop. HollywoodLife contacted ABC for comment but have yet to receive a response.

Contance Wu
Constance Wu at the premiere of ‘The Terminal List’ in Los Angeles on June 22, 2022. (Shutterstock)

Fresh Off the Boat was my first TV show,” she said. “I was thrown into this world. I have no parents in the industry. And because I’m 30, people think I know what I’m doing. It made me paranoid and embarrassed.” The newspaper further reported that the producer took control in various ways during season 1 in 2015, doing things like expecting her to “run all her business before him and tell her know what to wear.” In the end, they failed after an argument, and stopped talking.

Every Diversityat the Atlantic Festival on Friday, September 23, Hustlers The actress explained why she did not speak up earlier. “I was quiet for a long time about a lot of the sexual harassment and threats I received during the first two seasons of the show,” she said. “Because, after the first two seasons, once I was successful, once I was no longer afraid of losing my job, that was when I could start saying ‘no’ to harassment, ‘no’ to those who were harassed. threats, from which specific manufacturers. And, so I thought: ‘You know what? I’ve done it so no one has to know, I don’t need to tarnish this Asian-American producer’s reputation, I don’t need to tarnish the show’s reputation. ‘”

Fresh Off the Boat
Stills from ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ (Everett)

The revelations come after Constance made a heartbreaking confession in July following backlash to several controversial tweets about her dislike of show renewal in 2019. She’s hit back back to the platform with a lengthy message about the failure and how it affected her. “I haven’t been on social media for almost 3 years,” she wrote on Twitter on July 14. “Tbh, I’m a little scared, but I’m dipping my toes to say I’m here and now. I’m gone, I’ve written a book called Make a scene. This sequel is hard to talk about… but I’m scared to go back on social media because I almost lost my life because of it. “

She went on to explain that her “untimed” feelings were related to “another project that I’m really passionate about”. She also apologized, writing that the tweets were “not nice, and I’m sorry for that.”

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Constance Wu Says She Was Sexually Harassed By Producer: He ‘Grazed Her Crotch’

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