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‘Claim To Fame’ Winner Loreal Palmer Reveals Her Plans For The $100K Prize: ‘I’m Excited’

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‘Claim To Fame’ Winner Loreal Palmer Reveals Her Plans For The $100K Prize: ‘I’m Excited’

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Image Credit: ABC

All just one! After weeks of searching for clues and epic challenges, CL and Logan faced to Claim to be famous final’s night. LC chose to be the last guesser and correctly guessed that Logan was involved On Jason’s side. After LC was named the winner, she revealed her identity: she is Loreal Chanel Palmer, Keke Palmer’s oldest sister.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Loreal about that game-changing ultimate prediction and more. “Honestly, I’m only 90 to 95 percent sure. [about Logan’s identity]. I was like, I just had to go with these odds,” she admitted.

Claim to be famous
Lark, Pepper, LC and Logan on ‘Ask to Be Famous.’ (ABC)

Loreal knew she had to try to guess Logan’s famous relative first because she was “absolutely” certain that Logan would guess his relative correctly if he had the chance. “He’s really a Keke fan,” Loreal said. “There were times when I was in another room in the house, and I heard him and Louise talk about a movie that she [Keke] do Happy noises. And they’ll say, ‘I love Keke Palmer in Joyful Noise.’ And I’ll just be, Why are you talking about this? ‘”

There’s no doubt that the $100,000 prize will have an impact on Loreal’s life. She revealed that she had a plan to fulfill her dream with cash. “Actually, in my head, I always had a plan to set up my own production company. I want to make horror movies,” said Loreal HollywoodLife. “It always felt like a long dream, but now I’m like, hey, maybe I can start that process now. I am really delighted. I’m looking into it and I might release a short or something soon. So keep an eye on that. “

Loreal also noted that Keke has always been her biggest fan when it comes to Claim to be famous. “She was probably the only one in our whole family who thought I could win,” Loreal said. “I found out a few weeks ago that they’re all in bets like that, where do you think she’s going to get out?”

Even though the show ended, Loreal remained friends with her co-stars. “I actually still talk to all of them,” admitted Loreal. “People always ask me this. Even Maxwell, I also still talk to Maxwell. We have a group chat. That’s probably one of the best things to come from the show. I have 11 new friends”.

Throughout the season, Loreal played a clever and strategic game to rise to the top. She revealed her future advice to players if the show is renewed for season 2.

Loreal Palmer
Loreal Palmer is Keke Palmer’s older sister. (ABC)

“I think looking back now, the one thing we all didn’t do very well, and I would encourage future housemates to do, is keep the information to ourselves,” Loreal points out. . “We would hear something and then immediately be like, ‘I have to tell this person.’ No, keep it to yourself. Also, don’t be afraid to give a little bit of misinformation. Just make sure you keep an eye on your misinformation.”

During her stay in the mansion competing to be Claim to be famous winner, Loreal learned that she can “do more than I give myself, especially in the challenge where we had to run around and search for the stars. I’m not a fast person. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I never run away. But I did it in four minutes. That is pretty awesome. Do not discredit yourself. Just give it a try. Try new things.”

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‘Claim To Fame’ Winner Loreal Palmer Reveals Her Plans For The $100K Prize: ‘I’m Excited’

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