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Catelynn Lowell’s Children : Meet The ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s 4 Kids

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Catelynn Lowell’s Children : Meet The ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s 4 Kids

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Catelynn Lowell’s The parenting journey has been fully documented. Reality TV star who debuted in 2009 as one of the stars of 16 and pregnant. Catelynn’s relationship with her current husband Tyler Baltierra and her children were watched, especially after she starred in the hit MTV series Young mother and Teen mom AND. Catelynn, 30, and Tyler, 30, have four children together. Learn more about all of them here.

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Catelynn and Tyler pose for a photo together. (Shutterstock)

Carolyn Elizabeth Davis

Catelynn’s eldest daughter Carolyn, 13 years old, born 2009. Her pregnancy with Carolyn (also known as “Carly”) is what brought her into the national spotlight. Shortly after Carolyn was born, Tyler and Catelynn decided to put her up for adoption. Her adoptive parents Brandon and Only one obviously they are glad they were able to get the baby girl. Although Carly is being raised by Brandon and Theresa, Catelynn and Tyler maintain a relationship with their daughter. Despite keeping in touch with Carolyn, the couple have made it public that her adoptive parents are in charge. While Carolyn’s birth is what brought Catelynn and Tyler to national attention, it seems her life has been mostly kept under wraps since the adoption.

Unfortunately, there has been a large gap between visits in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple’s reunion with their eldest brother after the pandemic was filmed for Teen mom OGs, and they were emotional as they said “Goodbye” to Carolyn at the end of the visit. The reality star revealed the reunion in an interview with AND! News. “I thought it was amazing to be able to show the journey of public, semi-public adoption through the years and ups and downs and learning and navigating this relationship,” she told the outlet.

Novalee Reign Baltierra

After adopting their first daughter, Catelynn and Tyler stayed together and eventually married in 2015. That same year, they welcomed their second daughter, which they both raised, Novalee, 7. While her sister has mostly kept it private, Catelynn regularly shares photos of Novalee on social media, whether it’s school photos or showing her daughter’s love of fun. Ahead of her daughter’s birthday in 2022, Catelynn shared a snap of her daughter to show how much she’s grown in seven years. “Can’t believe that tomorrow my second child will be 7,” she wrote in the Instagram caption. “Time goes by, I love you my Novalee.”

Vaeda Luma Baltierra

After tying the knot and starting to raise their second daughter together, Catelynn and Tyler have a third baby girl. Vaeda, 3, in 2019. Like with his big sister, Young mother the star regularly posts photos of Vaeda on her social media, including documenting her experiences, like seeing fireworks for the first time or adorable photos of herself and her sister .

By Rose Baltierra

After having Vaeda, Tyler and Catelynn attempted to have their fourth and final child. Before welcoming their fourth child, Catelynn had experienced two very difficult pregnancies, both of which had miscarriages. Each time, she was very open about how heartbroken she was to lose her baby. After her second miscarriage, she explained that it was heartbreaking, especially after Carolyn was adopted while she was still a teen. “It was just fascinating because we were really excited. The reason why I was so excited when I had my first miscarriage was because she lost another baby. And the trauma from being 16 and giving your child to someone really kicks in, and it brings up all sorts of emotions,” she said on an episode of the show. Despite having experienced both miscarriages, she got a small angel tattoo to honor both pregnancies in December 2020. “Today, she wrote on Instagram.

After two heartbreaking miscarriages, Catelynn welcomed her fourth child Rya, 1, in August 2021. After welcoming her youngest, Catelynn admitted that she has no plans to have more children in an episode of Teen mom OGs. “My body has carried four kids — I’m done,” she said.

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Catelynn Lowell’s Children : Meet The ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s 4 Kids

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