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Cardi B Claps Back After ‘L&HH’ Star Akbar V Shades Her New Remix With GloRilla

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Cardi B Claps Back After ‘L&HH’ Star Akbar V Shades Her New Remix With GloRilla

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Image credit: Dean Chapple / Shutterstock / Akbar V / Youtube

Cardi29 years old, do not hold back when Akbar DRAW33 years old, threw some shade on her new remix song with GloRilla on September 25th. After news on Twitter announced the rapper’s new tune, “Tomorrow 2”, received some high numbers following its release last week, Love & Hip Hop the star appeared to cast doubt on the alleged success via a tweet that read, “If @chardata didn’t say it, we wouldn’t believe the CAP”. Cardi quickly took to her own Twitter page to tweet messages that seemed to respond to Akbar’s suspicions.

“Count all the time chart data posted to u,” she first wrote before adding another tweet that read “I don’t really like internet games… My dms are open and there are also Street!” Things continued to escalate when Akbar revealed a person who allegedly gave Cardi her phone number. “Who gave this Cough Cardi B my number… has to be one of your weird ass picks?” she asked in a tweet.

Cardi continued to voice her thoughts in additional tweets. “I don’t have to @ I can change a bitch’s life with a single mention,” she wrote after learning that she apparently contacted Akbar directly. “And YES I HIT THEM DIRECTLY, I don’t use the internet!!” She went on to ask why Akbar decided to post it online after they were said to have texted or called. “Been bugging me for months and now you want to make it about another woman as a shield,” she added. “Stand on your sh*t!!!”

Things really heated up when the two musicians started talking about each other’s ability to take care of their children. “Look at the difference between you and me, I didn’t want to bring my kids in while I was in the woods but I told myself I wouldn’t put my kids in the same cage I did. nurtured let alone SUPPEDED. HELL,” Cardi wrote in response to Akbar accusing her of “selling it to any man who runs after you” before she became famous.

After Akbar continued to criticize her as a parent and accused her of not writing her own music, Cardi wrote more. “I’m going to do something you never do… pick my kids up from school,” she shared. “You have 20 minutes to talk because then my attention is on my kids all day.”

As if things weren’t dramatic enough, Cardi went on to post a clip from an allegedly leaked sex tape that featured Akbar. She quickly deleted it after that, but Akbar still seemed to see it and replied nervously about her children. “Now my kids have to watch this again @iamcardib, you made the mistake of uploading that porn about me again. “You just made me nervous again.”

“Unmmmm, weren’t you bragging about that when the video first came out… you had a good head? Anyway, I respect your kids and take it down,” Cardi replied. Then, when a fan pointed out that Akbar had previously used screenshots from sex tapes as the cover art for her song “Leaked,” Cardi topped the online feud with a response and final video. “WAIT ONE MINUTE DAMAGE… she lied to me?” she replied a picture of the cover photo.

In the video, which can be seen above, Cardi thanked fans for their support of her song “Tomorrow 2” and said she would stop tweeting because she needed to take one of her kids to see a dance class. dance. She also asked her fans to, “tell me you love me,” seemingly alluding to something Akbar said in the leaked sex tape.

The feud continues after a short break and it doesn’t look like it will subside any time soon. From more rebuttals to more response videos, these two seem to continue to fan the flames between them. Let’s hope some conclusions can be drawn soon!

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Cardi B Claps Back After ‘L&HH’ Star Akbar V Shades Her New Remix With GloRilla

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