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‘Buckhead Shore’ Preview: Parker Tells Katie He Loves Her After Savannah Breakup

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‘Buckhead Shore’ Preview: Parker Tells Katie He Loves Her After Savannah Breakup

Parker Lipman break up with Savannah Gabriel on last week’s episode of Buckhead Shore after he realizes he still has strong feelings for his ex, Katie Canham. In the August 18 finale, the group takes a trip to South Carolina, where Parker finally makes it clear to Katie how he feels. In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek above, the two take a walk on the beach while having a tense conversation.

Before getting some alone time with Katie, Parker had to admit that she was nervous. “I am having a stomach ache, but at the same time, the deep conversations between me and Katie feel like a natural between us,” he explains. After asking Katie if she heard about his breakup with Savannah (which she did), Parker gets to the point. “I have to be honest with myself,” he told her. “I still have feelings for you. And those feelings have clearly not gone away.”

Parker and Katie on the August 18 episode of ‘Buckhead Shore.’ (MTV)

During the confessional, Parker admitted to being stoned by the whole situation. “When I stare at Katie, it’s like I’m looking right into her heart,” he said. “There’s so much I want to say, but it just can’t come out of my mouth.”

As for Katie, he added, “I can’t continue something with Savannah knowing my heart has always been drawn to you.” Katie seemed a little caught off guard by Parker’s confession, but she didn’t give in right away either. “I feel like this every time you break up with someone,” she insisted. “I wanted you to be something I couldn’t give you for so long. You have hurt me with Savannah so many times. “

In the end, Parker tried to tell Katie how he really felt. “I don’t know what it is,” he said. “I don’t know if it was fate or God told me I had to be with him. That is true truth with God. I don’t see with her what I see with you. End of story… I f *** ing love you. “

The clip cuts there, so we’ll have to see how Katie reacts in the finale of Buckhead Shoreairs August 18 at 9:00 p.m. on MTV.

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‘Buckhead Shore’ Preview: Parker Tells Katie He Loves Her After Savannah Breakup

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