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‘Something Scary’s Blair Bathory & Steffany Strange Bring Classic Creepy Vibes To ‘The Sound Of Halloween’

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‘Something Scary’s Blair Bathory & Steffany Strange Bring Classic Creepy Vibes To ‘The Sound Of Halloween’

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Image Credit: Courtesy of the Something Scary Podcast

Ugh! It’s Halloween! During October, HollywoodLife is active sounds of Halloween, where some of your favorite masterpieces in music, film, television and pop culture choose the songs that should be on your Halloween 2022 playlist. As we fully enjoy the last week before Halloween, we’ll double your fun by adding a full-size treat. TSOH. The two queens shouted – Strange Steffany and Blair Bathory – give some scary dishes.

Something Scarys Blair Bathory Steffany Strange embed1
Blair Bathory

Starting in 2018, Something Scary Podcast See Steffany and Blair tell a different set of scary stories – ghost stories, urban legends, paranormal stories and more – to bring a little bonfire horror to the daily commute to work. your. October 2022 shows include “Sacrificial Lambs”, “Slayer of Plains Vision” and “Creatures of the Night”. The show has also built up a decent community of like-minded monsters, with 80% of the stories included. Something scary from the audience of the podcast.

Something Scarys Blair Bathory Steffany Strange embed2
Strange Steffany

“What I love about Something scary the audience is that it ranges from teenagers to adults,” says Steffany Strange HollywoodLife. “And what I find when I meet these fans, who have been around since the beginning of the show, is that they appreciate diversity and inclusion, enjoy learning about culture and lore, and all However, appreciate scary stories. Especially a lot of strong women looking for representation of their own culture and identity, and I think that’s very special about the show, along with the talent of the animators.

Proving that the future of horror is female, Blair founded the film production company FEAR HAUS, which promotes inclusiveness and diversity in the horror genre. Steffany is also featured in YouTube Shorts’ “Latinx YouTubers To Watch” series and will be part of The CW’s. Mystery solved Special Halloween.

“Anyone who loves a good story should follow Something scary! ‘ Blair told HollywoodLife. “We have an incredible team of writers and creators working weekly to not only create original content, but recognize and share countless stories and folklore from around the world. world – I think that makes our podcasts and videos even more special. We fit in that way and as we should! Fear is a common language we are all familiar with, and I think, though morbid, that common ground connects us all. “

Before listening to the latest episode of Something scary (found on your favorite podcast app), check out Blair and Steffany’s picks for Sounds of HalloweenFind out why nostalgia reigns supreme at Halloween and what’s next for these two.

Blair Bathory & Steffany Stranger’s Halloween Playlist Selection

Donovan, “Season Of The Witch”

Warren Zevon, “Werewolves of London”

Blair Bathory: I love classic rock, so Donovan’s “Season of the Witch” and Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves Of London” are always on my essential Halloween playlists.

Lana Del Rey, “Season Of The Witch”

Michael Jackson, “Thriller”

Scary stories to tell in the dark, “Bloody Fingers”

Rob Zombie, “The Girl Who Dies Alive”

Steffany Strange: “Witches Season” Lana Del Rey, For All My Witches! Also, the perfect background music is from Scary stories to tell in the dark film, which is its own nostalgia. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” has the king of pop and the king of horror, Vincent Priceof the voice on it. In addition, “Thriller” also has a spooky narrative. Rob Zombie’s “Living Dead Girl” is another great nostalgia track along with Chucky’s Bride movie. Rob Zombie has a lot of spooky themed songs.

HollywoodLife: What’s your standout Halloween celebration?

Blair Bathory: I’m lucky enough to grow up in a neighborhood that’s most enthusiastic about celebrating the holidays – my tiny oceanfront town might not be the first place you think of Halloween, but every year Each house is decorated with the most unique decorations and spooky decorations. I can vividly remember my excitement as a little girl when October arrived. I think a lot of the things I still love today are directly related to my early years with my parents and other children.

Steffany Strange: When I think about Halloween, I think about this time of year that has a lot of significance, but also a time when people can come together and overcome their fears. [to] spiritual exploitation. Halloween is also a time to really express yourself, whether it’s costumes, Creative shops or spirituality, and in a way, I don’t think any other holiday can stand out.

For me, it’s also my birthday in October, so I celebrate through a masquerade birthday party or a murder mystery party. It’s also that time of year when I’ve been doing great referrals with my mentors and friends.

What do you think is the most popular Halloween costume this year? And WHAT SHOULD it be?

Blair Bathory: Every year, the most popular Halloween costume is a reference to today’s pop culture – and that’s too easy! I always appreciate creativity, and when I see someone wearing a cryptic reference or a sexist clever character. Think outside the pumpkin!

Steffany Strange: This is a difficult one! I think this year has had an amazing breakthrough with movies and shows. Besides, Chucky TV series are awesome – and Chucky has always been a nostalgic person, especially around Halloween. We also have awesome character and costume designs with Ring of Power and Dragon’s house Shows. And last but not least, Hocus Pocus 2. This year we have a lot of nostalgia.

Something Scarys Blair Bathory Steffany Strange embed3

Do you have any special traditions on October/Halloween?

Blair Bathory: Now, it’s my tradition to visit locations around the world that are related to Halloween in some way – Salem, New Orleans and Ireland.

Steffany Strange: I don’t think I have a fixed tradition, but one thing I always do is attend or host dances and throw a murder mystery party

What horror movie would you star in if you had the budget and the opportunity to do whatever you want, You can remake any past movie or create your own.

Blair Bathory: For me, the real question is, what horror movie would I direct if I had unlimited budget? That’s a simple answer – any movie script I’ve written! I don’t want any more remakes, but instead, I want to see more original stories in this genre.

Steffany Strange: I think I’d love to be in any King Stephen movies, even as a background character! However, if I had enough money to come up with my own production ideas, I would love to make a psychological thriller inspired by the Fox sisters. If you don’t know who they are, they were famous in the spiritualist movement in the 1800s. And although it has been confirmed that they are just a hoax (although they have tried to deny that they are not. yes), people still believe that they are not just that and that they actually spoke to the dead.

What does October have in store for you – and the rest of the year?

Blair Bathory: Right now, I’m in the second half of a month-long trip around Europe exploring spooky locations and documenting what I found. One of my favorite experiences so far is climbing into a cave historically considered the “birthplace of Halloween” – the cat cave in Roscommon, Ireland.

Steffany Strange: I just finished promoting the Halloween special on The CW that I co-starred with two other great paranormal investigators, called Mystery solved. Also, YouTube posted a photo of me on their billboard at the YouTube Theater this month, as I was featured in their creator highlight series “Latin YouTubers.” to watch” of YouTube Shorts. Thank you YouTube!

I will be posting a special Halloween horror video/podcast with a special guest, on my social media, around the theme of “what has made horror movies so great over the decades”. I’ll also be holding a marriage proposal at a haunted location in October; And for the rest of the year, I’ll be planning spooky-themed stories on both Something Scary and my social media.

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‘Something Scary’s Blair Bathory & Steffany Strange Bring Classic Creepy Vibes To ‘The Sound Of Halloween’

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