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This Foot Peel Mask With Over 16k Reviews Will Give You Smooth Feet & It’s Currently 58% Off

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This Foot Peel Mask With Over 16k Reviews Will Give You Smooth Feet & It’s Currently 58% Off

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If you can’t go to the nail salon and you need a pedicure, look no further because Soft foot peeling mask It’s currently 58% off its retail price of $29.95, so it can be all yours for just $12.59, saving you $17.36. It’s the perfect way to get your legs in shape in early fall. Foot Mask has over 16,700 positive reviews with people swearing by it and you have to act fast if you want to win this great deal.

Get the Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask here for $12.59.

Included in the kit are two packs of foot masks that help get rid of calluses on your feet. The mask is formulated with a blend of plant extracts that are super hydrating and leave your feet soft and smooth. Unlike most foot masks, this is an actual mask where your skin sloughs off to reveal a new, softer layer.

foot mask

If you have cracked heels and have dry skin, you’ll be obsessed with this mask that has apple, lemon and aloe ingredients that work together to heal your skin and give you a soft finish. commercial. The mask has several pairs of booties that work for both men and women and it fits men size 11. After you use the mask, your feet start to peel within 7-14 days.

Over 15,000 people swear by this foot peel and one customer exclaimed, “I bought this for my mom and me but mostly for my mom. I will have to say I am very confident it will work but on the other hand she thinks I have wasted my money. But it is the opposite!! The first day, she soaked her feet in warm water for about an hour then I put a foot mask on her and let her sit for an hour. Day 1-5 is unusual, no peeling. She soaks her feet in water every day for about 10 minutes. 6-10 was amazing and the peeling had started and was basically over. She is definitely in love and she wants me to buy additional things for the future. I would definitely recommend especially to those who go to beauty salon feet. Save your money!!! And just buy this, it’s definitely better and cheaper! In love and great customer service. “

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This Foot Peel Mask With Over 16k Reviews Will Give You Smooth Feet & It’s Currently 58% Off

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