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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Victoria Pursues Alex As Johnny Admits He’s ‘Leaning Towards Falling In Love’ With Her

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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Victoria Pursues Alex As Johnny Admits He’s ‘Leaning Towards Falling In Love’ With Her

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Image Credit: ABC

Victoria Fuller found himself in a difficult situation on the October 24 episode of Bachelor in Paradise. After initially forming a connection with Johnny DePhillipo on the beach, Victoria closed herself off from pursuing anyone new when the couples were initially separated and placed in two separate locations in the third week. However, she started to come back with Alex Woytkiw after he showed her affection one night. “I really, really like Johnny, but I don’t want to talk to Alex,” Victoria admitted. “I almost feel like I’m cheating [Johnny] in some way. It is frustrating.”

Victoria admits to being attracted to Alex, and when she was finally ready to let go of her walls, they were able to have a great conversation. “At first, I didn’t really have a crush on him, and then last night I got tired and he patted my head,” Victoria explains. “We didn’t really talk much but it was one of the only moments where I felt comfortable.” She tells Alex that his display of affection is “perfect,” especially since physical touch is her love language.

victoira fuller alex woytkiw
Victoria and Alex on a face-to-face date. (ABC)

As they talked more deeply, Victoria became even more confused about how she was feeling. “I hate how I feel, but I’ve been a bit open with Alex now,” she revealed. “Really speaking, Johnny is 25 years old. He is really amazing. But Alex is now 33 years old and more on the same trajectory in life, so it makes more sense to explore things with Alex. I like Johnny, I really do, but here’s the experience – to make sure you really like the person you had your initial relationship with. I know I owe it to myself to do that.”

Victoria receives a dating card and asks Alex to come with her. They had a romantic dinner date where they were able to open up to each other even more. Alex bluntly asks Victoria why she was hesitant to pursue something with him at first. “I started to feel very open to anything and it became clear that when I got to the beach I didn’t expect to find anyone, and then I did, so I immediately shut down. ,” Victoria explained. “I am very loyal. I am a girl a boy. So it’s hard for me to explore other interests when I have that on the beach.”

At the end of the date, Victoria tells Alex that she can connect with him in a way she can’t with most people. They also discussed their shared desire to have children and start a family sooner rather than later. At the end of the night, Alex asks Victoria if he has a chance with her. “I actually have this other connection at the beach,” she reminded him, but added, “That connection is great, but I have concerns with it. My problem is meeting you and being like, ‘Oh god damn it!’ Alex assured Victoria that he was aware of her other connection and the possibility that she might pursue it further, but told her he would neither stop nor pursue her if she She is open to it. “I’ve discovered enough people here to know when I see something great,” he concludes.

victoria fuller johnny dephillipo
Johnny gives Victoria a rose in the first rose ceremony. (ABC)

Although Victoria loved how her date with Alex went, she was as confused as ever. “Alex is so sweet. He’s kind and he wants the same things as me. I love that he says, ‘I just want to chase you,’ Victoria said. “I want to give Alex a chance because he deserves it and so do I. He’s someone I can really see myself ending up with. I just don’t know what Johnny in the picture looks like. I don’t want to hurt his feelings but it’s hard because Alex is really every girl’s dream.”

Meanwhile, back at the beach, Johnny made a decision Not to pursue anyone else as he waits for Victoria’s return. “I’m going to be real, I don’t think I’ve felt this way about anyone in my life,” he declared. “I am younger and she is older and she is a little older than me. She wanted to know if I was serious about this and if I was ready to get engaged. She doesn’t want to waste time and neither do I. I don’t want to waste time and just pick someone because it’s fun right now. I think if she comes back and stays committed to me, I owe her at least to explore the next step in this relationship if she’s willing to go there too. I am definitely leaning towards love.”

Johnny is pretty sure Victoria isn’t after anyone else when they’re apart, and he’s always taken care of their relationship. “I’ve been in a serious relationship my whole life and it’s not like this,” he admits. “It might happen in a split second, but there’s something about Victoria that makes me want to be a better person.” We’ll have to see how this plays out when the groups get back together, though!

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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Victoria Pursues Alex As Johnny Admits He’s ‘Leaning Towards Falling In Love’ With Her

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