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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Logan Declares He’s Ready To Commit To Kate After Dates With Sarah & Shanae

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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Logan Declares He’s Ready To Commit To Kate After Dates With Sarah & Shanae

Image Credit: ABC

Logan Palmer and Kate Gallivan is the hottest new couple on Bachelor in Paradise after the October 24 episode. However, they had to break some hearts on the way there. Logan and Shanae Ankney initially connecting and dating, then giving each other roses at the first two rose ceremonies. However, for two weeks, with Shanae spending time in a separate location, Logan went on a date with Sarah Hamrick, is also one of Kate’s good friends. Meanwhile, Logan’s best friend, Jacob Rapinispent a lot of time with Kate after her arrival.

However, a late-night conversation between Logan and Kate made them realize that they were interested in each other. Kate admitted: “This was tough to navigate. “On one hand, I have a lot of fun with Jacob. There’s enough chemistry to get to know him and talk to him and laugh at him, but it just feels different to Logan. Jacob didn’t know at all. I just feel so sly and secretive and I hate that feeling.”

logan palmer kate gallivan
Logan and Kate formed a bond on this week’s Bachelor in Paradise. (ABC)

At first, Sarah and Jacob are completely in the dark about what is going on between Logan and Kate. Jacob was even ready to put his previous relationship with Jill Chin behind him to pursue Kate. However, when Kate received the dating card, she had to inform Jacob that she was in love with someone else. “I think you’re great,” Kate told Jacob. “Obviously I was attracted to you. I love your energy, I love your sunshine and positivity. I think you have a good soul and I definitely connect with you. I just want to come up with my feelings. Since last night, I feel there may be a closer connection with someone. And that other person is Logan. “

Jacob admitted to being upset, but he told Kate to do her thing. As soon as she got the green light, she asked Logan for the date, and he accepted. It wasn’t until he said yes that he pulled Sarah aside to talk. “I’m sorry that everything happened in this order,” Logan explained. “Out of all the conversations I planned to have, the date tag threw a key into it. I still want to talk to you. Our date was amazing and I really think so. I mean all I said and honestly, Kate pulled me aside for a chat and we discovered that he had a connection we hadn’t discovered yet. I didn’t plan or expect it and it made things complicated. I just hope that I continue on this date and that the fact that I talk about it doesn’t make you think our date doesn’t mean much to me because it happened. I really think you’re great and you’re easy to talk to. If you feel like you have something to say, you can always say it to me. “

logan palmer shanae ankney
Logan received a rose from Shanae at the second rose ceremony. (ABC)

However, Sarah doesn’t want to talk and she leaves in tears. Sarah confessed in a confessional: “I’m upset because it’s starting to eat away at me and it’s starting to be offensive or insulting. “Are you okay with me having to sit there wondering what the hell is going on and blindfolded right in front of me? Really bad. There are lessons learned and bridges burned. You can’t just go all over me. I am not crazy [Kate’s] care about him – I would never say, ‘You can’t care just because I care.’ But it seems I was a bit deceived and deceived. Liars and cheaters are always like that. Perhaps this happened. “

After realizing that, Sarah decided to start focusing on Jacob to see if there was a connection there. They begin to bond over their shared experience with Kate and Logan. Meanwhile, Kate and Logan enjoyed a steamy and sexy spa date. At the end of their time together, they committed to each other.

“This reinforces a lot of things for me,” admits Kate, to which Logan replies, “I’m pretty sure how I feel about it.” They both agreed that they were ready to fasten their seat belts and take the ride together. “Honestly, I feel like I’m on cloud nine,” Kate said. “It’s crazy to think this could actually work outside of here. I’m really happy with where it is and I can’t see it slowing down when we have so much momentum.” Logan added, “It was clear to me now that I wanted to give myself to Kate to move forward. It’s a connection so profound that it’s refreshing. Surprised. There is no wisdom in this. I can’t shrug about this. Now I can sit still and at peace with Kate. Right now, the potential is on the roof.”

Of course, there’s still Shanae of it all. Shanae and the other original girls have yet to break up with the men at this point. Even though Shanae has dated Tyler Norris, admittedly she’s still thinking about Logan. We’ll have to see how that It all plays out when the girls come back!

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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Logan Declares He’s Ready To Commit To Kate After Dates With Sarah & Shanae

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