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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Jill Leaves The Beach In Tears After Jacob Breaks Up With Her

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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Jill Leaves The Beach In Tears After Jacob Breaks Up With Her

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Image Credit: ABC

Jill Chin’s The worst fear came true on the October 25 episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Jill went back to the beach after a week and was finally seen Jacob Rapini, whom she dated directly before the couple broke up. “I didn’t know what I was going to step into and it scared me and I hated it,” admitted Jill. “My biggest fear is that I’m back and Jacob doesn’t miss me at all and he’s dating and getting to know other girls and I’m just sitting here rotten.”

As it turns out, Jacob spent quite a bit of time on Kate Gallivan for two weeks. They pack quite a bit on PDAs and have strong physical connections. Although Kate went on with Logan Palmer, Jacob’s time with her helped him realize that his connection to Jill wasn’t there. “No one wants to be rejected, but at the end of the day, I have to be mature about these things, so I have to tell Jill she’s not mine,” Jacob explains. “I’m going to have a very difficult conversation with Jill at this point and let her know that I think we can’t make it work.”

jill chin jacob rapini
Jill Chin and Jacob Rapini at an earlier rose ceremony. (ABC)

When the two eventually reconnect, Jill admits to Jacob that she wasn’t after any of the new men brought into the show to meet the original women. “I find it very difficult to talk to other people or make any kind of relationship,” says Jill. “I stayed in bed the whole time we were there because I missed the people here. I missed you so much.”

Of course, this confession made it even harder for Jacob to reveal the news to Jill, but he tore the tape and continued. “I just have this strange connection with [Kate],” he told Jill. “She is bubbly and cute. Here’s the thing – to be honest – I kissed her and there was something I thought was there and I pursued it and the connection just got a little stronger. Doesn’t mean ours isn’t strong because it absolutely is. That relationship [with Kate] didn’t even get over it and she was with someone else, but seeing that I felt more pulled by Kate, that signaled enough for me to say maybe I don’t have what I’m looking for with you. You have a unique personality that I love and enjoy, I just don’t think it’s right for me.”

chin jill
Jill Chin in a rose ceremony. (ABC)

Jill was emotional as she accepted what was happening. “I thought [I knew how you felt about me],” she said. “It’s so bad I’ve spent days in my hotel room just sleeping away those long days because all I want is comfort and safety and that’s what you for me, but I’m glad I’m clear now and I can find that elsewhere.” Jill made the decision to leave the beach. She sobbed as she admitted that she didn’t want to. go through the process of trying to find another person in Paradise.

“If I knew [he was moving on] I will leave or maybe try to explore other things, but I am very excited to be back,” she shared. “I feel like we’ve built at least a good foundation and I feel safe around him. I think that’s what hurts me the most.” Meanwhile, Jacob is devastated for hurting Jill. “I know this is going to be a tough conversation, but the fact that she doesn’t even come out of her room and talk to other men and she just wants to support and be with me is probably worst feeling in my life,” he said. “She wanted to leave and that made me feel even worse. It just sucks. “

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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Jill Leaves The Beach In Tears After Jacob Breaks Up With Her

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