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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Jill Storms Off In Tears After Fight With Kira Over Romeo

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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Jill Storms Off In Tears After Fight With Kira Over Romeo

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Image Credit: ABC

The first love triangle of season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise appeared at the show’s premiere on September 27. Romeo Alexander stuck between Jill Chin and angry Mengistu, both of whom he knew before the show. Jill and Kira are both in season 26 of Bachelor, while Romeo is in season 18 of Bachelorette. In BIP debut, Jill revealed that she spent some time with Romeo after filming. However, everything changes when she finds out that he kissed Kira during a night out. Romeo also revealed that he and Kira went to school together.

Arriving in Paradise, Romeo hopes to pursue Jill. “I spent several months after Michelle [Young]’S season living my best life,” Romeo admitted. “But I just want to go after Jill if she’s here. I would love to talk to her. I feel like we have a little more air to breathe. It’s been too long since I’ve seen her, but I still think there’s something between me and Jill. But I’m afraid that Kira will be here. But as long as she doesn’t get in the way… it’s me and Jill. “

jill chin kira mengistu
Jill and Kira in season 8 of ‘BIP.’ (ABC)

Romeo had a chance to chat with Jill when he arrived. He told her he “regretted” that they weren’t as close as they used to be. When he asked Jill if his kiss with Kira was part of the reason they separated, she replied, “I don’t know there’s a lot going on in your life and I wish I had. a little more understanding of what’s going on. . I felt it was a shock to me.”

At that point, Kira conveniently went to the beach and interrupted the conversation. She also took Jill’s drink herself and started drinking it. Jill wasted no time getting up and leaving. “Kira and I are good friends, but she always goes after people I like,” explains Jill. “And now she’s stealing my drink!? If that’s how she wants to play, fine. I mean, if she wants to wear gloves… head to toe. “

Then Jill goes to fill in some other girls about what’s going on. “I met Romeo [before] and we were close,” she explained. “We are friend. When I was down there, we were talking, and then Kira came to get my drink and started talking to him. I was like… okay, you guys catch up. I just don’t care to do that. It’s just tiring. In a confessional, she added, “Romeo and I were together at a time when our lives were very chaotic. I miss that friendship. We couldn’t really talk, and of course, we were talking and Kira came and interrupted. So the ball is in his court. He has to show me the action.”

That night, Jill and Romeo get some more alone time, and he admits that he was annoyed by Kira’s earlier interruption. Jill urged him to show his feelings better, which is when he frankly told her that he liked her and had no connection with Kira. Jill tells him to prove it to her with his actions, and they kiss. After that, Jill was “feeling really good” about the situation and was ready to see what the future could hold for them.

romeo alexander
Romeo goes to Mexico for ‘BIP’. (ABC)

However, Kira had other plans. “I hope something happens between me and Romeo,” she admitted in the confessional. “Jill and Romeo kissing? I think she’s just trying to get a rose. “Once again, Kira interrupted Jill and Romeo’s alone time, and Jill was furious. Romeo eventually told Kira that he was connecting with Jill, and asked her to let him know. he “pursues Jill in peace.” She tells him that she respects the decision, but is clearly still deeply hurt.

“I didn’t do anything to deserve this,” Kira said. “I thought we were a good game and I thought he was smart, funny and we had a good conversation. F*** him. F*** her. I’ve been counting on his rose and it doesn’t look like I’ll get it. I just started playing and I hate it. I hate them.”

In the end, Jill and Kira managed to figure things out on their own. Jill calls Kira out for always interrupting her alone time with Romeo and says it was intentional. “I just felt like I was suffocating,” Kira admitted. “You and Romeo, you told me he was just a friend, and now you’re in a romantic relationship.” Kira also accused Jill of “disrespecting” and “sluting” her. They are clearly not on the same page and talking in circles. Jill breaks out of the conversation in tears and ends the video crying in bed.

However, Kira wasted no time continuing. “Romeo was a boy and he handled it like a boy,” she said. “I needed a man. If anything, the Romeo and Jill situation… those were my chains and now they’re gone and I’m free to enjoy Paradise.” She took a moment to acquainted with Casey Woods like the night is over.

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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Jill Storms Off In Tears After Fight With Kira Over Romeo

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