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‘AGT’ Recap: Simon Cowell Declares One Jaw-Dropping Act The ‘Best’ Of The Season

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‘AGT’ Recap: Simon Cowell Declares One Jaw-Dropping Act The ‘Best’ Of The Season

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Image credit: NBC

The fourth round of Looking for American talent qualifying starts with dancer touch Bayley Graham. He knocks and jumps on a set of stairs to By Ed Sheeran “Your shape.” Heidi Klum pointed out Bayley’s “great charisma” and “wonderful performance art”. Howie Mandel declared, “This period is lucky to have you.”

However, Simon Cowell are not on the same page. “I think that’s a bit overwhelming,” he admitted. He told Bayley that his performance lacked a “spectacular finish”.

Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell on night 4 of qualifying. (NBC)

A group of capella Acapop! back with another original song about not being afraid of who you are. During the performance, Howie hit his red X and admitted that he felt like he was in a “hall”. Sofia Vergara and Simon are consistent with Howie’s comment. Simon told the group that the song selection wasn’t great, but “their raw talent is unbelievable.”

Criticized AGT Judges

Biggest fan of Heidi and the dancing magician Jannick Holste bring joy with his latest performance. “You really are everything,” says Heidi. Simon wishes there was more magic and less “horrible” dancing. No matter what happens, Jannick still has the opportunity to perform in front of his idol twice.

Lee Collinson
Lee Collinson performing in the live show. (NBC)

Lee Collinson sing a heartfelt performance about Lauren Spencer-Smith’s “Flowers” in honor of his mother. While Simon loved Lee’s audition, he believes that Lee really “thought too hard about song selection.” Heidi tries to soften Simon’s criticisms by praising Lee’s sweet and pure voice. Sofia admitted that the performance “was a bit disappointing because of the song.”

Belly speaker Jack Williams take his action to the next level in qualifying. Howie doesn’t think the act is as “original” as he wants to see it. Sofia says to Jack, “I think you’re great.” Simon called the move “really smart” and “the best move a mile in tonight.”

Metaphysic declared ‘best’ of season 17

The metaphysical spell stuns the judges. (NBC)

Metaphysics elevate the competition in a significant way with their latest performance. Ultrasound sings “Nessun Dorma” as “Simon”, “Howie” and “Terry Crews.“Simon claims that this act is not only the best act of the night but also the ‘best’, I believe, in the series to date. ” That is a compliment!

Lazy Generation’s The latest performance is, in short, a mess. Sofia even hit her red X, while Simon gave the group a standing ovation for some odd reason. Sofia says this is “not something I want to see again.” Howie has a word for the performance: “crazy.”

Opera singer and impressionist Merissa Beddows started with some operas before finding out her impressions of Celine Dion, Cherand Amy Lee of Evanescence. Sofia told Merissa: “Your voice is amazing. Simon felt like Merissa’s personality wasn’t shown in her video package. He wants to know what this means for her. Merissa told the room that AGT has “changed my life forever.”

Merissa Beddows
Merissa Beddows performs on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

Lily Meola is back with the original song

9 year old metal singer Harper said that she wanted to show a different side of herself in the qualifiers. She decided to sing a metal version of “Bad Habits”. Heidi admitted that it was “intriguing” to watch Harper. Simon is all about Harper’s performance and loves that everyone will talk about her.

Comedian Mike E. Winfield enjoy his latest stand up routine. Simon told Mike it was a “star performance” for him. “I think America will take you to the final,” he added. Howie called Mike “spectacular” and invited him to open the show in New York if he didn’t make it through to the final round.

Heidi’s Golden Buzzer Lily Meola sang her original song “Butterfly” in a beautiful performance. Simon notes that there’s always a risk in singing an original song, but she made the “right choice” with “Butterfly”.

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‘AGT’ Recap: Simon Cowell Declares One Jaw-Dropping Act The ‘Best’ Of The Season

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