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‘AGT’ Recap: A Golden Buzzer Act Is Eliminated In Latest Live Results

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‘AGT’ Recap: A Golden Buzzer Act Is Eliminated In Latest Live Results

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Image credit: NBC

The other 11 contestants who stepped onto the stage meant more eliminations. Latest Looking for American talent Live results begin with a special Riverdance performance. After the special grand opening, it’s time to get down to business.

Terry Crews call Merissa Beddows and Bayley Graham in front of the stage. The first act still in the competition is Merissa. Bayley was the first contestant of the night to go home.

Acapop! and Metaphysic face in the results show. (NBC)

Next, Acapop! and Metaphysics asked to step forward. America voted Metaphysic in the top 5 of tonight’s results. Between Lazy generation and Jack Williams and HarperJack made the top 5.

Heidi Klum’s Action of Golden Buzzer Lily Meola and Jannick Holste face off next. Lily beat Jannick for a spot in the top 5. Heidi gave Jannick a standing ovation to see him off.

Lily Meola
Lily Meola during the live results screening. (NBC)

There’s only one spot left in the top 5 and it’s down to Lee Collinson and Mike E. Winfield. Mike lives to make us laugh another day!

Now the night is harder. Terry narrows down from the top 5 to the top 3. Mike, Lily and Metaphysic secure those three spots. Merissa and Jack were eliminated.

There are only 2 behaviors towards AGT season 17 finale. The first act to get a spot in the finale was Metaphysic! Simon Cowell told Metaphysic that he was “delighted” to have them in the finale because of their truly “unique” act.

Mike E. Winfield
Mike E. Winfield in the Finals! (NBC)

It’s just for Lily and Mike. The second performance on the final night was Mike! Mike was still joking after his name was called. Mike and Metaphysic will return for two finals on September 13 and 14.

Although the other 9 shows have gone home, there is still a chance for a few to be selected. Each judge will choose a wild card action. These entries will compete for the Instant Savings award, and one will join the others in the season 17 finale.

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‘AGT’ Recap: A Golden Buzzer Act Is Eliminated In Latest Live Results

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