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Samantha Bracksieck: Meet New York Yankees Star Aaron Judge’s Wife

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Samantha Bracksieck: Meet New York Yankees Star Aaron Judge’s Wife

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Image credit: John Salangsang / Shutterstock

As of Monday (September 26), Aaron Judge still on the margins of history. New York Yankees slugger hopes to break Roger Maris’ An American League record 61 home runs in a single season, and he came close to the feat in Sunday’s game against the Boston Red Sox. After connecting with Matt Barnes The ball was fast, it looked like it was heading out of the park… but it landed right in the center midfielder’s glove. Enrique Hernandez. One of the fans who went through all sorts of emotions – hope, excitement, disappointment – was Aaron’s wife, Samantha Bracksieck. She was at the Yankees Stadium and watched Aaron flirt history, according to New York Post.

Samantha has been by Aaron’s side throughout this historic journey. With a few games left and Aaron sitting in 60 home games, he is likely to end the regular season holding the AL record. When he does, Samantha will be the first to celebrate his achievement, so here’s what you need to know about the Yankee superstar’s lover.

aaron judge and wife samantha bracksieck ss embed
Aaron and Samantha (John Salangsang / Shutterstock)

Who is Judge Aaron’s wife?

Samantha Bracksieck (supposedly born in 1993) is Aaron’s longtime love wife. The couple have kept their romance unnoticed, and very little is known about Samantha. She and Aaron were best friends in high school, according to New York Post. The two began dating during their teenage years in Linden, California, before reuniting at Fresno State University. She graduated from college and graduate school in exercise science and is an aspiring college professor.

The two are said to have broken up before reuniting in 2019.

When did Aaron judge marry Samantha Bracksieck?

Aaron and Samantha got married on December 11, 2021, according to New York Post. The photos show the couple kissing at the Montage Kapalua Bay resort. The wedding took place after what appeared to be a brief engagement period. Samantha sparked rumors that summer when she went out with a diamond ring on that finger.

She is described as ‘bright’ and ‘down to earth’

aaron judge and wife samantha bracksieck ss embed1
(Gary Kazanjian / AP / Shutterstock)

Samantha has kept herself out of the limelight, for the most part. However, in 2020, she had a rollover in Phoenix, Arizona, “because the headlights of her 2017 Honda HR-V were off and she was over the 10 mph speed limit,” according to the report. New York Post. She was arrested and charged with DUI. Later, bodycam footage of the incident showed her crossing out her boyfriend’s name, apparently as a way out of trouble.

This behavior is unusual, according to people who know her. “She is so bright,” Dr. Mark Baldis, Samantha’s former professor and advisor, told Post. “She is very normal. There is no pretense about her. She is a really great kid. Having known Sam for all these years, she couldn’t ignore his name. She may be worried. Knowing Sam, she’s not trying to get out of anything. I’m willing to bet she’s just devastated by it. She is a really humble child. “

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Samantha Bracksieck: Meet New York Yankees Star Aaron Judge’s Wife

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