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Russian soldier killed after eating poisoned cake made by Ukrainians – Perez Hilton

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Two Russian soldiers are apparently dead and several dozen others are thought to be ill after being served cakes by local Ukrainians with poisoned cake.

The apparent food-related incident occurred between Russia’s Continual Invasion and War with Ukrainehas claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people, according to the Ukrainian government and United Nation.

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Refers to a report released over the weekend by Main Intelligence Service of Ukraine, citizens in the city of Izium are accused of giving poisoned pastries to Russian soldiers moving through the area. Soldiers who are part of 3 Motorized Rifle Division of the Russian Army, ate spiky buns and soon fell seriously ill.

According to the government agency’s report on this matter over Facebook, at least two “invaders” were killed by poisoning. More than two dozen others were hospitalized as a result:

“As a result, two invaders were killed at the same time, 28 others were placed in intensive care.”

Follow New York PostIt is still unclear what happened to the soldiers hospitalized after the alleged poisoning.

Report of tainted cake is believed to be Monday problem of contaminated food that Russian soldiers have been experiencing recently. Follow parcelUkraine has reported that at least 500 other soldiers fighting for Vladimir PutinQuan’s troops have been hospitalized in recent days due to alcohol poisoning. It is unclear whether those soldiers were given alcohol by Ukrainian citizens, but officials in Kyiv claim that Russia has treated the incidents as “non-combat losses”.

Even in the face of these setbacks, Russia continues its terrifying assault on Ukrainian cities and people. On Sunday, Putin’s army launched various attacks on several cities, including Kharkiv and Lozovo. In the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa, on the Black Sea, Russian airstrikes targeted an oil processing plant and fuel depots. Odessa is Ukraine’s largest port, and is home to the headquarters of the country’s navy parcel.

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Of course, as we have previously reported, the rest of the world is closely watching the difficult situation in Ukraine. Senior American leisure activities have paid homage to the nation when they tried to repel the Russian invasion, and the British royal family was shared their own statement of support for the people of Ukraine.

In addition, Ukrainians born Dancing with the stars professionally Maxim Chmerkovskiy is the center of attention all over the world earlier this year when he was forced to flee his homeland at the start of the invasion back in late February. Thankfully, he was can be safely reached in Poland, and eventually the family returned to the United States. He returned to Poland to assist other Ukrainian refugees to cross the border and find safety.

We continue to pray for the people of Ukraine as they endure and resist this terrible invasion. It’s a scary situation.

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