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Lorde goes blonde in Glastonbury as she defends abortion rights: Before and after photos

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Image credit: Anthony Harvey / Shutterstock

Lorde surprised audiences at the 2022 Glastonbury Festival by swapping her signature brown hair for warm golden gowns while performing at the venue. The photos show her singing in a shiny white jumpsuit with see-through red tights while she clutches the microphone and smiles towards the audience.

Lorde Glastonbury 2022
Lorde Glastonbury 2022 (Anthony Harvey / Shutterstock)

But the new arrival of the New Zealand natives was not the main message of the night. Lorde clearly had something to say about the recent upheaval of Roe V Wade across a pond in America. “Want to hear a secret girl? Your body is destined to be controlled and objectified from before you were born. That terror is your innate right. But here’s another secret. You possess power. That wisdom is also your innate right. I ask you today to make that mental training the work of your life because everything depends on it. F*** Supreme Court,” she said in concert, each Daily mail.

Lorde April 2022
Lorde April 2022 (AFF-US/Shutterstock)

However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the “Royals” singer sport light locks. In her 2021 music videos for her song “Mood Ring”, Lorde is seen with bright blonde hair. The 25-year-old is no stranger to publicly defending women’s rights. In September 2021 interview with Diversity, Lorde gave credit to women in the music industry. “Women need to be appreciated not only for the emotional nuances they bring to their compositions, but also for their technical skills,” she told the magazine in a personal interview detailing her personal life. about her extensive career. “Even if it’s someone like Britney [Spears]people we’ve all seen have to go through this terrible thing, or Fiona Applealways have someone come before you snap it on the chin. “

She then went on to talk about her songwriting process as a progressive woman in a male-dominated field. “I feel empowered to participate in all the different areas of work that would traditionally be delegated to others, whether it be things like lighting my show, directing the video, setting graphic design,” she explains. “Being bold is important because people will only listen to you if you speak up. It’s hard for me – I’m shy, I’m a shy girl. However, you always regret not being bold, and you very rarely regret training and doing it,” she added.

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