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Britney Spears fans are REALLY SUCCESSFUL by her latest nude photos! – Perez Hilton

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Britney Spears just can’t win.

For years, fans have campaigned to end the conservatorship of the Princess of Pop so she can finally control her finances and personal decisions, such as what she posts on social media – but now that she has that freedom, some are more concerned than ever!

The latest controversy comes after the pop star posted a series of nude photos from the previous season to Instagram on Monday, she’s doing something increasing over the past few months. The photos in question were taken during her recent trip to Mexico with her fiancé Sam Asghari. With just a few heart emojis covering her private things, she left very Smaller than imagination!!

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In the first series of snapshots, taken first she is pregnant40 year old man wrote:

“The last time I was in Mexico BEFORE having a baby inside me…why do i look 10 years younger on vacation 2600??? “

As you can see, she was caught standing in what could have been a bathroom with her hands covering her chest. The photos are the same in many different filters. An hour later, she returned with more photos taken at the same location, adding:

“Don’t underestimate the power of doing it yourself and shooting with a selfie stick!!! Beach photos before there is a child in me !!! “

Soon after, she once again shared a similar set of photos, noting:

“I love you all so much SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO 1F48B1F48B1F48B!!!! “

But um… let’s just say her fans aren’t enthusiastic about NSFW content. In fact, Brit’s comment section was quickly filled with pretty harsh reactions as viewers openly worried about her mental health! Watch:

“I don’t understand… .just why????

“I’m confused by all the nudity. I mean I get the first one but why are the photos continuous. I’m not a hater at all, just curious as to why.”

“free?!?!?!!!!!!!!! charge us!”

“What the hell? Honest. Wtf.”

“I don’t know why people keep cheering for her. It’s clear she’s not doing well.”

“This girl she’s sick, she’s crying for help.”

“I’m pretty sure the conservatorship was in place for a reason.”

“I really wish that you would stop doing this. You go on to prove that there is a strange bit of instability that exists.”

“Starting to think that those in control should probably stay in control…”

Gosh. That last comment is really just amazing. The #FreeBritney movement fought so hard for celebrities to regain their freedom after 13 years accused of abusing conservatorship. Now that she’s finally learning how to take back control of her life and process the trauma she’s endured, fans suddenly think she do need help?!

They can’t fight for her freedom while at the same time restricting what she can and can’t post! And after all that Britney’s been talking about How much did she suffer? under her father’s hand Jamie Spears and other conservators, who really thinks they should be back in charge? Huh!

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All that said, not just the fact that Toxic The child singer posted a revealing photo that angered fans – some were just concerned that her two sons Sean Preston16 and Jayden James15 years old, whom she shares with her ex-husband Kevin Federlinecan come across the photos, complain:

“Did you know your kids and their friends see this? Shy”

“Do you need to post the same nude photos over and over again. Do you care your teenage sons see you like this”

“At least create a single fan page. I love Britney but she has two grown sons who can see this.”

Another outspokenly blamed Sam for not intervening and preventing the performer from posting nude photos, saying:

“If your man respects you, he will never let you post half of the things you do! Leave some mystery…”

Thankfully, there are a few people – and sadly, we really mean a few (compared to the number of haters) – in the responses that support the singer and counter the negativity. One user pointed out:

“For years, Britney was forced to shut up and control against her will in order for others to gain money and power. They try to destroy her, but she is resilient. If she wants to pose nude then that’s her right. If it annoys you… GOOD. “

You can say that again!!

Not everyone likes what Britney shares online, but if it makes her happy – and if it’s her decision to reveal so to IG – then so be it! To suggest that she needs to be brought back to management just for these sexy snapshots seems like a huge overreaction. She’s been through more than enough just to handle the last decade of her life, having bad guys criticize her every move and arguing about her mental health doesn’t help either. .

But what do you think, longtime readers?

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram]

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