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Your inner channel ‘coastal niece’ with this essential

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Well, be a seaside grandma – spend your days relaxing by the water, lounging around in your cutest and most comfortable linen outfits and living your best life in a beach cottage historic. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait until retirement to live your best beachside life.

Automet Casual Shorts: $20 – Buy them on Amazon

Just start channeling that fun, minimalistic energy into your wardrobe, no matter where you live. Here TikTok gives all the coastal spots you need for your new coastal niece’s aesthetic, and we’ve found Perfect complement to bring that vibe into your wardrobe.

A woman wearing Automet women's casual shorts.

The Women’s casual shorts from Automet is a staple in your wardrobe. These comfy shorts come in a variety of colors, but for this look, neutral khaki, coffee and even gray work at its best. At them good priceGrab multiple pairs to create any look you want.

The shorts have a discreet drawstring that you can reveal by rolling your waist down. High-waisted shorts’ loose and comfortable Perfect for a stroll, or if you want a laid-back beachside feel, pair it with a chic striped button-down and a pair of sandals.

Don’t just lie down, though. Automet’s shorts As comfortable as they are so cute, so whether you’re working out a sweat, working from home, running errands or serving up a fun daytime look, these shorts are a must. And don’t worry, we checked – they even have bags.

It’s time to live the life of your coolest seaside niece. This shorts must be from Automet is a great addition to your wardrobe to channel that energy and have a fun living room space. In the meantime, let this TikTok gives you all the points that you need.

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