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A World Series of Poker Main Event player made the smartest but toughest fold of a full house

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Sometimes, the best move in a poker tournament – especially the World Series of Poker Main Event, which is happening as we say – is to put the cards down.

Maybe you didn’t know it at the time, but maybe when you look back at the televised hand, you realize it was the right call even if it had to go through a rough patch.

That’s what happened to David Diaz.

The footage below begins with Diaz holding the Ace-Queen against Jeffrey Farnes, who has the Kings in his hand. The chessboard is a King-2-Queen, and another Queen has been revealed on the turn. There are 11.6 million chips in the pot, and Diaz has 27.8 million to Farnes’ 28.15 million.

This could be a serious disaster. Diaz has three queens, but Farnes has a full house. Diaz placed four million chips and Farnes just called.

River? 2. A full house with Queens for Diaz, but the full kings from Farnes will defeat him. Diaz thought hard and bet 7 million… and Farnes raised it to 18.8 million. It seemed like an alarm went off in Diaz’s head.

And then he folds.


Diaz ended up in 13th place, and Farnes was still left in the last group!

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