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Genshin Impact Heizou Guide: Best Weapons, Artifacts, Teams

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If you want to use Heizou as the main DPS character on your team, he will spend a lot of time fighting on the field. Therefore, it’s not just a good idea to support him with strong characters off the field – more a bit lower – but increase his overall and elemental damage as much as you can. When it comes to weapons, Heizou really offers a lot of choices.

Skyward Atlas (5-star Catalyst) increases the ATK of its bearer and increases elemental damage. This weapon is also equipped with a passive effect, dealing damage to enemies based on the owner’s Attack stat.

Lost prayers to the sacred winds (5-star Catalyst) increases elemental damage a bit more, but also takes some time to accumulate the corresponding effects. In return, this weapon provides extra movement speed, which benefits Heizou as a melee fighter to more effectively close the gap between himself and his target.

Both options are worth your consideration, and if you own one of these 5-star catalysts, Heizou is a good candidate for their use. Also, here are some great 4-star catalysts to equip Heizou:

  • Sun pearls (4-star Catalyst) – increases the damage of special attacks and abilities; it’s also a Battle Pass bonus, so there’s a guaranteed way to get it.
  • The Widsith (4-star Catalyst) – randomly increases Attack, Elemental Damage or Elemental Mastery; all three were beneficial to Heizou.
  • Sea map (4-star Catalyst) – increases Elemental Damage when triggering a reaction, which usually happens with Swirls; it’s also craftable in-game, which makes it a great F2P option.
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