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This lingerie trend is quickly dying

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Who What Were > This lingerie trend is quickly dying

Hey, don’t roll your eyes — lingerie goes through trend cycles just like the rest of the ready-to-wear world, and we’ve got a lingerie expert here to prove it. I don’t know about you, but lingerie fascinates me, because it’s an article about clothes that basically everyone wears but never really talks about. It’s not exactly taboo, but since it’s rarely seen, it’s no excuse. If you’re someone who takes great pride and joy in your drawer, this is pretty disappointing.

Obviously, we’re about to talk in great detail about summer lingerie trends — specifically, summer lingerie trends. We reached out to an expert on the matter to give us 411 on the rising styles of underwear and, more importantly, the rapidly dying styles of underwear. Read Sandra Rose, Vice President of Branding and Merchandise at Journelle (one of the best lingerie destinations, if you ask me), revealing some insider information on what lingerie trends will win. in the summer of 2022 and why.

Don’t worry, as in typical Who What Wear fashion, we’ve shopped each trend she touches so you can leave with new trend knowledge and a full shopping cart.

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