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I know your fashion sense is clean girl if you wear these 30 sets

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The the girl looks clean I’m carving myself into one of the the define the fashion aesthetic of summer. This look has gone viral on TikTok, marked by sleek, anti-trendy outfits and specific no-makeup looks that have launched its own set of funky tutorials on media social media. You’ll probably recognize the aesthetic, which relies on staples and cool, minimal directional proportions such as loose cut, making staple items feel completely modern.

To take advantage of a clean girl’s taste, you can add several products easily to your cart. Oversized buttons, ’90s-inspired tank tops, sleek leather slides, classic straight-leg jeans, and glossy leather pockets are key touches in the look. clean girl’s wardrobe. Oh, and the look often follows a neutral color scheme. If you’re interested in experimenting with aesthetics for yourself, you’ll find a shopping list for clean girls to help you get started.

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