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British women politely smile every time Americans wear these 4 items

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It is possible to be completely non-British to laugh about anyone else’s style choices (we are British) distant too polite for that), but I will say that brother Having lived in Los Angeles for over 12 years, I have come to recognize some American artistic tendencies that I find quite different and amusing. I remember being surprised on my first brunch in Santa Monica, where everyone looked like they had just stepped out of the gym (except in sweat, of course). This is a far cry from the UK, where you would never meet friends for lunch in yoga pants or sportswear if you weren’t. actually plan to exercise. (Full disclosure: 12 years later, I look like I also go to the gym.)

While we love to express our adoration for the classic French style here on Who What Wear it is Brother those who take more stylistic risks, exhibit a more edgy aesthetic and are personally decisive in their style choices. British Vogue’s shopping editor, Joy Montgomery, describes some of the key features of British style: “Eccentricity would have to be at the top of the list. While we marvel at New Yorkers professional polish or LA’s Comfortably comfortable, our Brits possess a certain eccentricity in their hand-knit jumpers, raw fabrics and various accessories — we’ve championed ‘ugly’ trends. before they become popular. Our fans include Alexa Chung, Vivienne Westwood and Cara Delevingne – all wonderfully weird in their own ways but also undeniably amazing.”

So what are the items that Americans wear that British people think are funny? Scroll down below to see my fashion first-hand.

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