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Let’s talk about body positivity in fashion — Here’s what the industry can do better

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It’s no secret that the fashion industry isn’t the best environment for body positivity to thrive. As far as I can remember, brands have adapted to a body type — usually tall, slim, transgender, and generally white. There is always an image that is supposed to “look good”, making many people feel that they have to hide their body if they don’t fit that image. It’s only in the last few years that industry leaders have finally caught up with the new generation’s awareness that every body is a beautiful body, regardless of age, gender, ability, and size. . But although the industry has made recent strides, there are still Long way to go from here.

Retailers are starting to offer more plus-size options, but they are often distinct and lack the creative range in their other collections. While designers have inclusive campaigns, they don’t necessarily translate to the size range of their actual collections available for consumers to shop. Influencers and fashion industry insiders can share inclusive messages on their social media channels, but they won’t pay attention when a brand soars to become “It brand”. lack of inclusiveness.

The phrase body positivity has almost become a joke. Brands will use it and tell women that they should feel beautiful regardless of their shape, but the size range they offer will say otherwise. As an editor, it’s my job to not only acknowledge my privilege as someone whose products and mediums serve me, but also learn how I can share real messages. the wholeness of the body on its foundation. Now, more than ever, it’s time for us to step out of our bubble and see how we can make any change wherever possible in our work and daily lives. our. In an effort to find out what we can do better from all aspects of the fashion world, I reached out to industry leaders who have more than a say in the effects of time. pages for body image but also use their background and profession to add to the growth of the industry as a whole.

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