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High Praise for Involved Size and Shoutlish Shouting Bodies

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Loud Bodies is a stable, ethical material founded by Patricia Luiza Blaj. He wanted to “show that style is not sophisticated and to create sustainable clothes that are morally produced” for everyone.

Blaj lives up to his mission in every piece of clothing offered on the LB site.

Buffy Dress Duotone
Image courtesy of loudbodies.com

In the words of William Shakespeare, “Let me count the ways.” They use recycled paper packaging instead of plastic. Every fabric they use is OEKO-TEX 100 certified sustainable.

They replace all the cloths with other materials. They pay extra to have the carbon emissions of each of their packages offset by their shipping provider (DHL).

Loud Bodies is committed to sustainability and ethics. When I first discovered the brand, I was impressed by their Sustainability page.

It is clear that a lot of care and detail went into that paper. That concern makes me want to support them. Since papers like these are hard to find among fashion companies.

Still, I had questions about their morals. In my opinion, a brand is truly stable when it treats its employees fairly as well.

After all, a brand cannot survive without its employees!

Martha Trousers Publish Ecovero
Image courtesy of loudbodies.com

I reached out to Loud Bodies through their website contact form. Frankly, I expected an answer in a week or two. To my surprise, the founder Patricia answered me in a matter of days (I contacted them on Friday and they got back to me the following Monday.)

I was impressed by her thoughtful, thorough answer to my question about the standards of the Loud Bodies factory. And his response strengthened my love for the brand.

Loud Bodies is based in Romania and run by a team of 6 people – including founder Patricia.

They employed 3 costume designers, a designer and Patricia’s assistant. All 6 team members work in the same area. It is part production facility and part office.

Part of the production isn’t like the big, unsafe factories we’re used to hearing about in today’s fashion climate. At Loud Bodies, the costumes are made steps from their office space.

The whole place is well ventilated, with a newly renovated kitchen and bathroom.

What really sets Loud Bodies apart is the way they pay their costumers. The industry standard is to pay garment workers based on the amount of pieces they build.

As you can imagine, this adds a lot of pressure on employees to work harder and faster. Not so for Loud Bodies.

All garment workers are paid by the hour regardless of how many garments they produce per hour. And their salary is far more than the Romanian salary.

This payment structure relieves stress on employees, ensures high quality of goods produced and builds trust in the brand among employees and customers.

Loud Bodies have the kind of work environment that is appropriate for each item of clothing. But, unfortunately it often does not get it.

They set the example of what we should expect from clothing companies. On living wages, factory conditions, and transparency.

0*Syom2KC 99qKReqp
Maya Duotone Tencel Dress
Image courtesy of loudbodies.com

Now we know why we should support the Loud Bodies in a moral perspective. Thankfully, their fine clothes support their values!

To me what makes a brand so great is its vibrancy. You often see brands that include sizes with basic colors and designs; no noisy bodies!

They offer bold, bright colors and unique patterns in all sizes. Their outfits set a new standard for what should be expected in fashion that incorporates size.

No wonder they have been featured in every fashion magazine and store you can think of: Elle, Refinery29, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and more!

0* 6gkdy9SCG7cJlds
Kasha Skirt Red Tweed
Image courtesy of loudbodies.com

I love this long purple sleeve combo, high neckline and red tweed skirt.

Beautiful and charming. It makes the wearer look like a doll!

With great clothes like these and the attitude to match, I’m proud to support Loud Bodies.

I want to hear your thoughts on the brand everyone is talking about. Are you a fan of their styles?

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