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Urfi Javed hits back at Chetan Bhagat for ‘distracting youth’ comment

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Urfi Javed hits back at Chetan Bhagat for ‘distracting youth’ comment

TV actress Urfi Javed is once again at the center of another controversy. However, this time it has nothing to do with her fashion sense but the famous author Chetan Bhagat’s comment on how to dress.

Earlier, in a statement, the author said that Urfi is distrusting young Indians. Chetan said she is fooling young people and boys only seeing her pictures at night in bed.

During an Aaj Tak event, Chetan Bhagat said, “Ladkiyon ki’s photos are like daba rahe hain… likh rhe hain.. crores like hote hain on Urfi Javed ki’s pictures. There is an Indian soldier fighting for the country on Kargil island. Urfi Javed ki photos dekh rha hai (Guys like photos of women, comment on them. Urfi Javed’s photos attract millions of likes. On one hand is young Indians defending our nation. at Kargil and beyond, we have another young man looking at pictures of Urfi Javed hiding in their blankets)”.

On Saturday, Urfi responded to Chetan and wrote on her Instagram story, “Guys, don’t forget a lot of women have accused him in the Me Too case.” She also shared more screenshots of his WhatsApp messages appearing online during the #MeToo movement and explained: “Men like him will always blame women rather than accept those their shortcomings. Just because you’re perverted doesn’t mean it’s the girl’s fault or what she’s wearing. Dragging me into a conversation unnecessarily, commenting on how my clothes distract young men is worth mentioning. You texting girls is not a distraction for them? @chetanbhagat.” “Stop promoting rape culture, you sick bastards out there. Mr. @chetanbhagat of the 80s blamed women’s clothing for men’s behavior. Who distracts you when you text girls half your age? Always blame the opposite sex and never accept your own shortcomings or mistakes”.

She finished her sentence: “People like you are leading the youth astray, not me. Encourage men to blame a woman or her clothes when at fault.”


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