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Urfi Javed goes TOPLESS on Mumbai streets, BJP leader Chitra Wagh demands her arrest

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Urfi Javed goes TOPLESS on Mumbai streets, BJP leader Chitra Wagh demands her arrest

television actress Urfi Javed often make headlines for her outlandish fashion choices. Recently, however, she has also become the talk of the town because of her legal problems. Yet another potential legal trouble hit the Biggboss OTT contestant after BJP state president Mahila Morcha in Maharashtra, Chitra Wagh, criticized the sensation on social media of being naked on the streets of Mumbai. .

Recently, Urfi went viral on social media when she wore a black lace-up top with a mini skirt as she commuted to work in the city. Her dress had so many cuts that she was almost naked, which has now caused many problems.

Chitra took to her Twitter to accuse Urfi of “publicly nude on the streets of Mumbai.” She also asks for Urfi’s arrest.

State President Mahila Morcha tweeted, “What’s happening in Mumbai? Does Mumbai police have any IPC/CRPC department to prevent this woman from being openly naked on the streets of Mumbai? Let’s arrest her as soon as possible.” She went on to add, “On one hand, innocent girls/women are falling prey to perverts, and on the other hand, this woman is just spreading more perversions.”

Affected by the incident, Urfi used her Instagram stories to share a post criticizing the allegations against her.

She openly challenges Wagh to reveal her fortune and to tell the world honestly where politicians make their money. If the politician accepts her challenge then she is ready to go to jail, she said. Urfi also asked her why the BJP state president did nothing when male members of her party were accused of harassment – why didn’t she help those women? she asked.

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This is not the first time Urfi has been embroiled in controversy. However, the actress continued to maintain a tough attitude amid all controversies.

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