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The Last of Us HBO review roundup: here’s what critics are saying about the video game adaptation

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The Last of Us HBO review roundup: here’s what critics are saying about the video game adaptation


HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us will be released in the coming days. Created by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, the first part explores the terrifying and dramatic journey of Joel and Ellie as they try to survive zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. Several critics and reviewers have seen the film and it has received a lot of positive feedback. This is quite surprising because many video game adaptations have not been very popular with viewers and critics in the past. Check out what critics are saying about the HBO series The Last of Us:

The Last of Us series review round

  • IGN: “HBO’s The Last of Us is a breathtaking adaptation of one of the most influential stories told in video games and brings Joel and Ellie’s journey to a whole new audience. excellently. Taking the essence of what makes the original story so enduring, it builds the game’s world while simultaneously transforming several aspects into an almost completely stunning effect. Bolstered by two stellar lead performances by Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, the film delivers a rich performance for fans of the PlayStation hit, while attempting to maintain a welcoming thrill. welcome new arrivals.”
  • Diversity: “That’s not intended to be faint praise – but what works about ‘The Last of Us’ is good enough that one sees a near future in which the show becomes one of the best. on television. The raw materials, including a deep and thoughtful curiosity about what it would be like to live through a disaster, are there. But for all of that, the downfall is not humanity’s fault in telling our demise, I hope, in the coming seasons, to see more worlds beyond your relationship. our hero. The core of “The Last of Us,” argues that the world is worth fighting for; showing us more about it will only strengthen that case.
  • Gamespot: “The HBO adaptation doesn’t have to be better than the 2013 game, nor does it need to be better than The Sopranos or Six Feet Under. It boasts one of the best video game adaptations ever and is a clear signal that PlayStation is right in pursuing a future where video games are already famous. its reborn on TV. The show was brought to life by a cast and crew that seemed eager to live up to their own name and already brilliant reputation. It’s a formula that could be repeated in a number of other cases, and I’m eager to see how those play out. For now, though, I’m excited to see The Last of Us find new life in similarly haunting and glorious ways, while remaining importantly unique in ways I’ll never forget. .”

The Last of Us series release date in India

The Last of Us series is slated to launch on January 15 in the US, and a release date in India is said to be January 16 on Disney Plus Hotstar. The release date in India is unknown at this time, but it is expected to launch shortly after the US premiere. According to a report, a new episode will premiere every week for a total of nine episodes, with the season finale airing on March 12 in India.

Our Last Story Part 1

The story of The Last of Us season 1 is expected to follow the first Last of Us game. However, game and series creator Neil Druckmann has said that the show can sometimes differ from the game. In an interview with IGN, Druckmann said, “Things get pretty close sometimes. It’s funny to see my dialogue there from HBO scripted games. And sometimes they skew a lot to get a much better effect because we’re dealing with a different vehicle.”

Druckmann added: “In the game, there are a lot of actions where you have to train the player in mechanics. You have to have more violence and some more epic scenes than you need on a TV show because you don’t need to train people how to use guns. So that’s something really different, and HBO has been great at pushing us away from the action and focusing more on the drama of the characters. Some of my favorite episodes so far have differed greatly from the story and I can’t wait for people to see them.”

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