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Spotify crashes after Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Midnights’ launches on the platform

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Spotify crashes after Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Midnights’ launches on the platform


Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, ‘Midnights’, is said to have crashed Spotify after it debuted on the now-popular music streaming service. Spotify users globally cannot use the app because it temporarily stops responding or shows errors. An estimated 9,000 users in India have also complained about the same thing. Taylor Swift fans, who often refer to themselves as “Swifties,” voiced their thoughts via tweet. Interestingly, Spotify posted a countdown 15 days before the album’s release.

Spotify crashes for many users right after Taylor Swift’s latest album drops

It is reported that popular Swedish music streaming platform Spotify has crashed shortly after Taylor Swift’s latest album ‘Midnights’ was dropped. Spotify, the company that posted the countdown for the album’s release was found to be acting erratically towards many users globally.

Users on Spotify complain that their accounts are automatically signed out repeatedly on both the Android and iOS versions of the app. The music streaming service has also been reported to be acting unusually for users who say the app displays a “No Internet connection” message even though the device is connected to an active internet connection.

Outages that appear to be short-lived have been confirmed by the artist or the app. Oddly enough, no other music streaming service like Apple Music seems to have problems.

Midnights is the 10th studio album by acclaimed multi-genre artist Taylor Swift. The album contains 14 tracks and is being touted as the artist’s return to the pop genre. The last time Taylor Swift released an album in 2020 called Evermore.

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