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Alia Bhatt to launch her own line of Maternity wear

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Alia Bhatt to launch her own line of Maternity wear

Chennai: Actress Alia Bhatt, who is on a family trip, has announced that she will be launching her own line of maternity wear.

On Instagram, the Bollywood actress said: “Two years ago, I started a children’s clothing brand. Everyone asks why I run a children’s brand when I don’t have children.”

“Now, I’m launching my own line of maternity clothes. I don’t think anyone will ask why. But let me tell you anyway”.

“It’s not like I’ve bought maternity clothes before. But when I got down to it, I was overwhelmed.”

“You don’t know how you’re going to look or feel in the next few months and honestly, not being able to find the right thing to wear can be stressful.”

“Do I buy brands that I already wear but in larger sizes? Should I raid Ranbir’s closet? And just because my body is changing doesn’t mean my style has to be, right? “

“So I started making my personal style more friendly. I add elastic to my favorite jeans, tailor-made shirts that I don’t have to share with my husband, and wear floral dresses to keep my belly from touching. Comfort takes precedence over any “airport look”.

“What begins when I try to fill the void in
wardrobe, leading to the entire maternity collection. And I can’t wait to give you a sneak peek tomorrow! “

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