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Coin Master Game Explanation For Beginners 2021.

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The Coin Mastery Beginner’s Guide explains the basics of the coin mastery game. everything you need to know before playing coin master.

Coin master can be a base building game with the fun of a spinning machine, The gameplay is simple. Spin the slots And gain rewards, raid your friends’ villages. And loot from their village to create your own village.

Get hammer attack to attack other villages. Earn XP and food to feed your pet. collect cards to get Rewards. Use it to make your village. Below is the full explanation of the game. Continue reading.


A coin master shield is used to protect your village from enemy attacks. you will be willing to have up to a number of Shields. From the beginning, it will defend your village 3 times from enemy attack.

it applies to you further possible. When you attack another player’s village, it will also protect their village.

Quick note: – shield will not protect you from raids.

Coin bag.

Money bags give you more money than others. you will do somersaults from your camcorder. You want to combine x3 bags at once in the spinner to earn more coins, in coin master. it will facilitate you to increase your game level.

The Hammer – Attack.

You have to match X3’s hammer, to provoke hammer attack. it’s like ‘Thor’s hammer.

you can use it to attack player’s village. Now here you have an option to choose the player you want to attack. Otherwise the game will pick you a random player to attack.

On the screen, the coin owner will show his village and you must choose the building you want to attack. It is possible to level up your star, by degrading the building’s star level. that you just attacked.


The overall Coin raid can also be a symbol of a pig wearing a bandit mask. if you get a similar bandit mask pig in a row, you immediately do a Raid.

Here you will be able to not choose your opponent, it will give you random players to join the Raid. on the screen you will see (4 X big). you will have the opportunity only to dig three Xs.

And you will be able to get a large number of gifts from it. And if you get money from all X. it will be called super Raid.

Village Construction.

This is a really important part of your game. where you build villages. There are five buildings you want to build in each phase.

to complete a stage. And proceed to the next village, you want to upgrade all the buildings in your current village to a 5 Star Rating.

The construction cost will increase with your village stage, which means that when you enter the village later, all construction costs will be higher than the previous construction cost. As of January 2021, there are 293 villages. with their own theme.

Also check all village prices.


If a player attacks your village then you will have the prospect of needing revenge by attacking his village.

if you get a full row of hammers in the spinner, the game will take you to the Attack screen. there you will get a revenge option, click on that, and also

the game will give you a list of Attackers who have attacked your village, choose one and take revenge. And collect their spins, coins and cards.


If you have a large number of spins, you will make a Bet. when you increase your bet in the slot machine. This process will go through many rotations. But the counter reward is higher. when making a raid.

you will get a large amount of Rewards. (ex: If you increase your bet to 20X, you will spend 20 spins at once and if you win 4 million from that spin, you will get 40 million).

To run this trick, you want to own a lot of spins, which you will get from CMFS, (SUPPLIER OF FREE SPINS MASTER COINS).


Cards are understood. by opening chests, get with coins, there are several different card collections and each collection contains 9 cards.

form all Nine cards, and you’ll be marked with a Great Gift. you will trade your card daily with your friends, up to 5 cards per day.

Joker card.

This card can actually be really rare in coin holders. You will dig by participating in events or opening mysterious chests.

This card has the flexibility to transform into any card you want, even a yellow card. This card has an expiration date, so recharge before it expires.


Pets will aid you in raiding and attacking and can provide a ready choice bonus that will help you level up your game.

Your pet will provide a reward for the next four hours, Once those quadrupeds are up, your pet will go to sleep. to make more benefits you have to feed your pet food and you will level up your pet with XP.


Foxy is the first pet you can hide. When your game, but beyond, the first part is effective. later in the game. Foxy gives you an additional shovel during raids, which means you have another chance to explore or find a chest. Foxy unlocked at village 4.


Tiger helps you to expand your rewards in attack mode. when you attack another player’s village, it will help you get more rewards from that village.


Unlock Rhino by completing the creature’s card collection. Rhino assist you to prevent attack from friends to your village. It acts as a shield for your village. It only has a 10 chance to block an enemy attack.

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