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Toyota Hilux modified with accessories worth Rs 25 lakhs [Video]

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Toyota Hilux entered the Indian car market with a bang. And as expected, it became a hit among off-road enthusiasts, thanks to its global legacy as an unbeatable vehicle and Toyota’s reliable image as a brand. brand. The Hilux has also entered the world of customization, with some Hilux owners giving it a bit of personalization and tweaking to make it even more powerful than its stock version. This is a Toyota Hilux that has been heavily customized with extra components to make it a more serious go-anywhere car.

In a YouTube video by ‘Rolling Pistons’, the presenter introduces viewers to Pulkit Kaushik, a proud owner of a heavily customized Toyota Hilux from Delhi. The video explains all the additional off-road specs Pulkit selected for its Hilux, making it a vehicle suitable for the harshest of terrains. Hilux owners start explaining the add-ons with two key bits being added to the Hilux – a post-market snorkel inspired by those made by Australia-based TJM and Multiple underbody shields protect the vehicle’s vital mechanical parts under the skin.

Toyota Hilux terrain

The custom Toyota Hilux here in the video is also fitted with BF Goodrich all-terrain tires, widely regarded as one of the best in the business. To match these off-road specs tyres, at Rs 27,000/tire, the owner also swapped the original diamond-cut alloy wheels for Lenso Max 11 alloys after the sale. market, with a complete set priced at Rs 85,000.

The star highlight among all the modifications or additions in the Toyota Hilux is the modified cargo area at the rear. The cargo deck comes with a covered area with custom roll cages, with a retractable table on the left side of the cage. This sheltered area also receives 30W lighting with 30 different configurable color options and racks for sand ladders, jerry cans and shovels on its roof. The surface of the deck cover is coated with LINEX rubber coating to protect the original paint finish of the deck.

Additionally, the lower half of the deck has a remote-controlled roller shutter on it, sourced from Thailand-based Hamer. On the roof of this sheltered area, the Hilux has a collapsible hard shell tent with a collapsible ladder that can accommodate three full-sized adults once unfolded. This tent also comes with a built-in mattress and foldable windows. The owner also plans to install a solar panel above the hard shell roof, inside the tent to be stored after folded.

In addition to explaining his gadgets, the Hilux owner here also points out some of the shortcomings he has encountered on the Hilux during his ownership. He complains about the overabundance of hard plastic everywhere in the cabin and isn’t overly impressed with the level of NVH. He also says that rear seat comfort can be an issue on longer trips for some.

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