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Lalit Modi tagged Sushmita’s parody account while making big announcement, netizens have a field day

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New Delhi: Lalit Modi, the founder of the Indian Premiere League (IPL) who has been on the run for more than 10 years has caused conflicts on social media when he made a big announcement about his love life. The fugitive businessman announced that he and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen are dating and that the duo may soon go public with their romance.

Lalit Modi’s astonishing revelation sent fans into a frenzy, who sent social media into a frenzy by finding out their past photos and tweets. Some people pulled out Lalit Modi’s 9 years old where he was looking for answers from Sushmit while others dug up photos of Sushmita clicking with Sushil Modi and his first wife.

However, when the business mogul made the big announcement, he found the Sushmita parody account and tagged it. This was enough to make fans go into overdrive. Many netizens mocked him for being ‘too excited’ while others mocked him for directly tweeting about marriage. Modi later clarified that the duo were dating and that marriage would eventually happen.

How netizens mocked Lalit Modi

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