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Actress Bo*ld Photo: To make the saying true, this actress has crossed all limits, shared such a photo of her chest; Fans were blown away after seeing the picture – Janaseva News

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The photo of Pavitra Punia is becoming more and more viral on social media. In this photo, the actress shared such a photo with Ejaz Khan, fans couldn’t help but be surprised when they saw the photo.

Actress Bo * ld Photo: Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan have been dating for a long time. The love story of these two started from ‘Bigg Boss Season 14’. The two were then together and are currently living in a relationship. Meanwhile, for now, the actress has shared one such photo of herself with Ejaz Khan, anyone who sees this photo can see it. In this photo, the actor posed standing on the actress’s chest. This photo is becoming more and more viral on social media.

Pavitra Punia shares a weird photo

Pavitra Punia, who has appeared in many television series, is seen lying in this photo. On the other side of the actress is a long piece of wood, on which Ajaz Khan is standing near the head of the actress. This photo was shot from a low angle in such a way that it looks like Ejaz landed on Pavitra. In the photo, both Pavitra and Ejaz are smiling.

A post shared by Pavvitra Punia (@pavitrapunia_)

Wrote this comment

Sharing this photo on her official Instagram, Pavitra Punia wrote with the caption- ‘Motto- Sit on the chest. I’ll keep you on my head, baby.

Ejaz Khan commented on this

Ejaz Khan commented on this photo of Pavitra Punia going viral. Ejaz commented and wrote- ‘Gaya from hospital…from aaja shooting… now I will sit on chest for a month. ,

Got typhoid a few days ago

The photo was shared by Eijaz Khan on Insta Story. Her caption reads – ‘Salmonella enterica serovar typhi (typhoid)…. I’m great. Do not call. After this photo of the actor, fans’ anxiety increased and they prayed for the actor’s speedy recovery.

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