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Watch Online Sursuri-Li Part 3 Web Series All Episodes On Ullu App – Webseries World

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The final and final installment of the Sursuri-li web series is released today on the Ullu App OTT platform. This is a porn, drama and romance web series in hindi. Sursuri-li Part 3 web series release date is July 15, 2022. The cast of web series features Nidhi Mahawan, Ajay Mehra, Jay Shanker Tripathi, Mahi Khan in the lead roles and details More cast details are available below.

Watch online web series Sursuri-li Part 3 all episodes on Ullu App from today. It has a total of 4 episodes and the total length of the web series is about 1 hour 37 minutes. Seasons 1 & 2 both have four episodes, each making up a total of 12 episodes in the web series. This web series is directed by Hasan Shahid Naqvi.

Sursuri-Li web series story Part 3

The Sursuri-li Part 3 web series will be continued when it ends in the second season. The ninth episode starts with Sur going to the Health store to buy condoms with Dawood, where he falls asleep and dreams about Surili. Sur worries about his Suhagraat and promises Dawood that he will have suhagrat today no matter what. Kamini’s husband suspects Kamini that she is having an affair with someone. Suddenly a girl gets a pair of jeans and they know it’s Dawood.

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While Sur and Surili are having some private time together, suddenly his aunt comes and informs them of an accident. But they joked with Sur about the accident. Police announced that a curfew was in place in the city. When Sur was going to his house, the police saw Sur’s pants and found that it was suspicious. They ask what’s on it Sur tells them it’s because of Dawood and the police linked him to the underworld don Dawood. For the full story of the web series and whether Sur can have his Suhagraat check out the web series to find out.

Sursuri-li season 3 features more daring shots of Nidhi Mahawan. Watch online all season Sursuri-Li web series now streaming on Ullu App. Sursuri web series starring Nidhi Mahawan, Maahi Khan, Ajay Mehra & Mahi Khan.

Actor web series Sursuri-Li

  • Nidhi Mahawana as Surili
  • Ajay Mehra as Sur
  • Jay Shanker Tripathi as Rajan
  • Ankur Malhotra as Dawood
  • Mahi Khan as Kamini
  • Sherestha Gupta as Bua
  • Rohit K Singh as Bahubali
  • Tanisha Kanojia as Leela
  • Sudipta Saxena as Sangeeta
  • Deepak Soni as Lattu Bahiya

Sursuri-Li web series details Part 3

Title – Sursuri-Li Part 3
Actors – Nidhi Mahawan, Ajay Mehra, Jay Shanker Tripathi, Ankur Malhotra, Mahi Khan
Genre – Erotic, Comedy, Drama
Type – Web Series
Total Episodes – 4
Total time – 1 hour 37 minutes
Directed by – Hasan Shahid Naqvi
Release date – July 15, 2022
OTT Platform – Ullu . App
Language – Hindi
Country – India

Frequently asked questions

Q. Sursuri-Li Part 3 Web Series Actor & Actress?

Answer. Nidhi Mahawana, Ajay Mehra, Jay Shanker Tripathi, Mahi Khan

Q. How to watch Sursuri-Li web series Part 3 online on Ullu App?

Answer. Download the Ullu app. Subscribe to Ullu App and enjoy web series.

Q. Sursuri-Li Part 3 Web Series release date?

Answer. July 15, 2022

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