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Charmsukh Tauba Tauba Web Series Ullu Cast, Actress, Release Date, Story & Watch Online – Webseries World

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Charmsukh Tauba Tauba is another upcoming web series from Ullu App in Charmsukh series. In this web series, we get to see two daring actresses together. Charmsukh is one of the most popular series from Ullu App. It belongs to the erotic, romantic and dramatic genres. The cast of the web series Charmsukh Tauba Tauba features Rajsi Verma and Muskaan Agarwal in the lead roles. Tauba Tauba Charmsukh web series release date is July 19, 2022.

Watch online Charmsukh Tauba Tauba web series all episodes on Ullu App from July 19. The web series is only suitable for audiences over 18 years old. Some of the previously released Ullu App web series are Tod Damaad Ji Season 2, Tod Damaad Ji Season 2 and more. While Rajsi Verma was last seen in Ullu App Palang To Damaad Ji Season

Watch online series about Charmsukh Tauba Tauba

Web story about Charmsukh Tauba Tauba

The web comic Charmsukh Tauba Tauba is about two sisters. In this web series, Rajshri Verma will play the older sister and Muskaan Agarwal will play the younger sister. The trailer of the web series shows that the younger sister has been abroad after a long time. She is wearing a mini dress that her brother-in-law doesn’t like. As she was changing her clothes, the Driver started staring at her which she didn’t like and got angry. When the older sister gets intimate with her husband, the husband thinks about his sister Rupa. Vijender has bad intentions towards Rupa. While the older sister thought that the driver would only help in finding her amulet. Rupa was staying with someone else in the bedroom when suddenly her sister came. Who will she catch in the room? To find out, check out the full web series on the Ullu App.

The web series trailer was released today with the quote “Ajab gajab rishta hai yeh, Apno se gehra hai yeh Chah hume kaha le jayegi dekho Ankho ka khel nahi dhokha hai yeh.” The Charmsukh Tauba Tauba web series is available online on the Ullu App from 19 July 2022. The web series will feature many erotic and daring scenes. The Charmsukh Tauba Tauba web series features Rajsi Verma and Muskaan Agarwal in the lead roles. The director of the web series will be updated soon.

Charmsukh Tauba Tauba Streaming web series

Charmsukh Tauba Tauba Ullu web series Details

Title Tauba Tauba – Charmsukh
Cast Rajsi Verma, Muskaan Agarwal
Category Erotic, Romance, Drama
Type Web series
Series Charmsuk
Manager update soon
Release date July 19, 2022
Online video platform Application Ullu
Language Hindi
Nation India

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